SuperFlo and IntelliFlo Pumps

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Jun 7, 2018
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Intelliflo for sure. Superflo lacks the jack for the communications cable that the Intellicenter needs to best control the pump.


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Jul 7, 2014
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It has never made much sense to me, but the SuperFlo VS cannot be controlled by Pentair automation. Pentair automation was designed to use the IntelliFlo style pump.

That said, even if the SuperFlo VS was capable of being controlled by Pentair automation, I would still vote for going with the larger IntelliFlo. The larger the pump, the slower it can be run and still move the same amount of water.

I say this all the time, but I run my IntelliFlo 24/7, at 1200 RPM, most of the time, for less than $20 bucks a month.

Don't worry that the IntelliFlo is a 3 HP pump.. Keep in mind that it is really a "Variable Horsepower" pump.. You just use the amount of horsepower you need for the task at hand.. Slow for skimming or running a SWCG, and faster for waterfalls or spas.

It is considered by most to be the "Gold Standard" of pool pumps..


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May 11, 2020
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my +1 on the intelliflo vsf pumps. Did some data gathering on my pump. I have apprx 90 feet of pipe from a corner of the pool to the equipment pad. Calculated apprx 1100 ft of pipe equivalent- (pipe + fittings ).
Got these measurements-
750rpm- 40W- 1psi- 1gpm
1500rpm- 170W- 7psi- 15gpm
2500rpm- 990W- 19psi- 60gpm
3450rpm- 2630W- 34psi- 87gpm