May 27, 2007
jj- I did mean soda.

duraleigh-all pool co's in town closed tomorrow. Will be Monday before I can get another test from the pool co. When I did the pool calc it said to add 960 oz (someone suggested it should have said 96). It was too dark out to test again tonight so I will try my test kit again tomorrow. You said adding 44lb of soda is that the same as borax? Borax is what I have been adding.

DH pumped all the leaves out so we added a little more water. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Yeah, I meant borax...sorry for the confusion

Get a neighbor to test or get a cheapie ($6.00) pH tester. Something is just not right.


Mar 27, 2008
Houston, Texas (Heights)
Hey Shannon,

I'm certainly not one of the Gurus or anything like that. Actually the pool I have came with the house and I learned two things real fast.

(1) Never trust the pool store results. I took my dark green water to two different pool stores and received two very different test results. Leslies would have me adding 8 lbs of stabilizer since according to them I had no CYA, and Warehouse Pool Supply would have sold me a ph reducer with algecide.

(2) It's nearly impossible to do anything productive or reactive without a good testing kit. I tried to get rid of my algie bloom by winging it with test strips and probably wasted at least $50 only to have the algie come back when I though it was gone.

I finally broke down and ordered a good testing kit (TF-100), and within four days cleaned up a pool which had been neglected since September 2007. The best advice I can offer from my meager experience is buy a good testing kit and trust your own results. I can only hope that all the chemical dumping before did not compromise the liner.

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