Run pump through all outlets?


May 1, 2019
Flower Mound, TX
My pump is typically setup to take suction from both skimmers and the main drain and then discharge into pool/spa as shown. (The manual pool/spa discharge valve is very hard to turn, hence why it's in the split position).
When switching to spa mode, the Spa2 actuator starts opening, and the filter pressure drops pretty significantly. From my pump curve knowledge, that would translate into an increased flow rate, which I would think would be a quicker turnover of the water and less runtime needed for the pump. The pump would potentially be pulling more HP when it ran, but I still think the flow gain would be worth it.
My question is, what's the downside to removing the actuator and putting that Spa2 valve into the full open position 24/7??? I would have to manually turn valves when running spa only, but I have to do that anyway on the suction side.



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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Your system should have two actuators, so that you can automatically switch between the Pool mode and the Spa mode.

Having only one actuator is useless, so either adding an actuator to your Intake valve, or removing the one you have now makes sense to me.

Having to have X turnovers a day is a myth, so I would not run my pump just to chase so mythical number of turns.

Removing the actuator and fully opening your Return valve would work.. The only downside would be that it may send more water to your spa than you want.. Not a big deal as you can simply close the spa side a little..


Jim R.