residential in-deck pool SWG--do they exist anymore?


Jan 3, 2015
Gotha FL
Helo SWG Wizards.

I inherited my pool 3 years ago. I was surprised that the ancient AutoPilot Cubby system with the In-Deck cell installation worked very well after I cleaned up the cell. For 2 years I didn't worry at all about chlorine levels--it just worked perfectly. 1 year ago, the cell finally wore out but I found a replacement and everything worked great again. Last week the control panel died. Nobody makes the PoolPilot cubby, and AutoPilot could not even provide me with a spec on the board so I couldn't attempt a repair. As there is no replacement controller available, I am hoping to solve by:

a) Finding a control panel that would be compatible with the cell I bought: . Here is the manual for the whole system. I have the 220v setup. Sync | Secure cloud storage that protects your privacy

b) Replace whole thing with another residential in-deck solution - if they exist!

I really like having the in-Deck because it generates whenever needs to, not just when the pump is running. As a result, I don't need to run the pump more than a couple hrs a day since its a small pool (about 9,000 gal). I could be thinking about it all wrong, but it seems to me that a slower, steady production of Chlorine (anytime) should be more efficient having to generate rapidly, only while pump is running. Maybe new inline cells are super efficient and I should just convert?


Gotha FL