1. Mexicant11

    CircuPool Conversion

    I am converting our pool to an SWG. After much time on this forum and its recommendations and reviews, I have narrowed it down to CircuPool. I have a 17-18k gallon pool south facing in the Central Florida sun/heat. My choices are between the CircuPool RJ-45 PLUS and the RJ-60 PLUS. Is the RJ-60...
  2. S

    Water test shows bromine for my Clorine salt water (SWG) pool

    Been having some issues trying to get my pool open. Had been using an old pack of test strips and realised they were very out of date resulting in I think me adding too much stabiliser to the pool, so ordered some more tests (different brand), replaced half the water and this test contains a...
  3. U

    Can't calibrate jandy aquapure

    Hi there. I have a Jandy Aquapure system with a 1400 cell. Recently, my sensor start reading erratic values. I tested water manually with a TSD tester and salt test strips and read a level of 3.1. The jandy said 4.2 so i did the calibration procedure(held salinity button for 15 seconds) and...
  4. PennyPool

    Shrimp in my salt water pool?????

    Why do I have shrimp in my salt water pool? They are very, very tiny, but those are definitely shrimp. The second image shows them in relation to the bottom of a small beach bucket so you can see how small they are, maybe 1/2 cm. FC 6.5 pH 7.4 TA 80 CH 300 CYA 50
  5. Endro32

    Best SWG for a 60,000 gallon commercial pool

    We are looking at making the switch to SWG at our pools, starting with our 60,000 gallon pool in Michigan. It's a brand new pool as of 2020, though I regret that I wasn't more involved as the pool company built it out with a Jandy single speed pump (that they didn't even hook up to the...
  6. Steve-D

    New SWG Pool - Rising Chlorine

    We have a new 20,000 gallon SWG Gunite Pool filled on 5/6 and the pump running continuously since then, mostly at low speed (1500-1700 rpm) when not in use or while cleaning. 18 bags (@ 40 lbs each) of salt was added on 5/27 which works out to about 3400 ppm. The Intellichlor IC40 label says the...
  7. Nadel2014

    Water Temp Reading SHORT

    Hello I have a Jandy AquaPure with IAquaLink. Three days ago I started getting an error message reading on my interface app showing water temp SHORT and my salt water generator stopped producing chlorine. I have chlorine production set to 75% in the app but it reads 00% on the panel. By all...
  8. A

    New to SWG- Question regarding balancing

    Hi all! We recently installed a SWG system for our pool, and we just opened the pool today. I know we need to balance everything first and then add some liquid chlorine before we add the salt and get the SWG going. At opening these were my levels: FC- 0 PH- 6.8 TA- 40 CYA- 30 I have sodium...
  9. DuchessJen

    Krystal Clear SWG CYA Says 30, Pool School says at least 60?

    Hi! Anyone have an Intex Krystal Clear SWG? Are you following the manufacturer CYA levels or pool school? Why would there be a difference in recommendations between the two?
  10. B

    PH & SWG Automation

    Hey Everyone, *Pics at bottom for reference* Looking to eliminate having to constantly add PH and chlorine… because well, I’m lazy and tired of the weekly chemical additions 🙃 Ultimately I’d like to automate and tie in my Hayward VS pump, a SWG, and a PH control system. I have an older style...
  11. B

    wiring options for SWG

    Hello everyone, I am going to be purchasing a new SWG this season and am trying to plan how I am going to wire this thing up. I currently have a single speed pool pump(120v) running off a timer. I understand that the preferred way to wire the SWG is to have a 2nd wiring run off the timer to...
  12. bloona

    Please help determine whether I have the necessary equipment to install a SWG.

    I've read through quite a few posts posts on this topic, but still cannot definitively determine what is or isn't in my EasyTouch box. I would like to convert my pool to salt by installing an IC60. I wasn't sure that I wanted salt water when the pool was under construction, but I instructed the...
  13. R

    New Pool Owner, Total Drain and Fresh Water Fill

    Hi there! Sorry in advance for the long post. I've been deep in Pool School for a couple of weeks and am finally starting the balancing process today. We recently purchased a home with a salt water pool; the previous owner walked us through his care routine when we got the keys in Feb. He told...
  14. stretchphoto

    Tired of Buying Salt Water Generators/Boards, but Should I Switch?

    Hi, everyone. Thanks in advance for your advice. We just had our 22k gallon pool rebuilt with aluminum coping and we're in the process of filling it back up with water. I've been using a Hayward SWG since we bought the house in 2012. As of last summer I was on my third generator. Also last...
  15. N

    Adding SWG CircuPool EDGE-40

    Hi, I decided to switch to the Salt Chlorine Generator system, based on my search here I realized CircuPool is very famous especially the RJ model because of the warranty and easy installation( I plan to install it myself) Right now the EDGE-40 is $1199 which is $300 cheaper than RJ45, Is there...
  16. J

    Spa SWG help

    Hey all, First post here! My spa specs are below: Hotsprings Flair 335 gallons FC - 15 CC - 0 TA - 70 CH - 200 CYA - 100 pH - 7.5 salt - 1700 ppm Temp - 99° So here is the scenario. I've used the TF pro kit for my SWG pool for a while and it works great. We just got the spa 2 months ago...
  17. DuchessJen

    Intex Krystal Clear - When can I set up the self-clean function??

    Hi fellow Intex SWG owners! Anytime I try to set it up, I get the 93/Power Saving code OR it's turned on and generating, so the buttons don't do anything. Help!
  18. shoyru177177

    Minimum Pump Gph for SWG Systems

    I'm brainstorming the idea of a SWG for a small steel-framed, vinyl liner 1718gal pool that is annoying to maintain chlorine daily. In an old post, I saw a someone mention to oversize SWG 2-3x the capacity of your pool, i'm presuming so that you can generally maintain your FC at a lower SWG...
  19. Westonator

    SWG Broken - Just installed a new one today and I'm not sure if i should add salt.

    Hi there! Been reading all of the forums and went through "pool school" twice, but I'm at a little bit of a loss on what to do. ~15,000 Gal. Saltwater Pool Measurements: FW:1.2 Total Chlorine: .22 pH: 7.8 TA: 96 CH: 167 CYA: 5 Phosphates: 495 Salt: 1263 Water Temp: 62F Any thoughts on what...
  20. DuchessJen

    Salt water and wasps??

    I just converted to an and opened my salt water pool. Yellow jackets are a problem here. Last year, in my chlorine pool, I would have to manually kill yellow jackets in the pool. On the first full day of SWG, 3 yellow jackets were dead on their own? Is it a salt intake kill or a surface...
  21. DuchessJen

    Opening AND transitioning to SWG

    HI! I'm opening my pool right now. Water is clear after removing my winter cover! Yay! Okay. Last year, it was a liquid chlorine pool. This year, I'm currently installing an SWG. Do I need to shock the pool first before adding my salt and turning on the SWG? Or, could I add the salt, set my...
  22. M

    Repairing Zodiac EI SWG

    After massive rains Zodiac SWG is displaying "Output Fault" error. I disassembled it, but do not see any damaged elements. I'm curious if anyone can advise me please what I need check to return it to life.
  23. J

    PVC rework for SWCG

    I'm thinking about installing a saltwater chlorine generator and trying to plan it out with my current setup. I'm comfortable doing some PVC cutting and cementing, but need some guidance on how to work with what is already there - I'm not familiar enough with all the various PVC connection types...
  24. Lowbrow-Dizzy

    What’s the benefit of having an automated system with adding a SWG and robot cleaner?

    Hi, we have a newly acquired pool and planning to DIY the maintenance and add SWG, probably Pentair IC60 since the existing equipment is all Pentair. My question is what value does the automated system add versus syncing up the pool timer and SWG timer? The pool doesn’t get that dirty but...
  25. D

    Water Flow LED on, but flow switch is working and flow is good

    The Water Flow LED on my Edge-40 comes on about 10 seconds after switching on the SWG. I've tested the flow switch with a multimeter and it is working fine (~zero ohms between the two pins when the pump is on, open circuit when pump is off). It has been working fine for a about a year and a...
  26. Therountree

    Upgrading from Pentair ic-40 to ic-60

    Hey all, does anyone have experience going from an ic40 to ic60? The plumbing connections and power center wire are the same, if I just plug and play will the Easy Touch control center recognize the difference?
  27. K

    Hayward SwimPure Plus Reading Zero Salt

    I've read some other threads about this, but I'm not seeing an answer. Our Hayward SwimPure Plus began reading salt levels of only 400, then 200, then zero. Manually checking the salt it is around 3400. We checked the SWG which is 6 months old and it definitely needed cleaning. It is now all...
  28. T

    26K pool - is 60k SWG too big

    Hi everyone, I've decided on getting a CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator after much research on this site and other places. However, before I buy, do you think 60k SWG is overkill for a 26k pool? Should I consider the 40k SWG? I have a single speed pump, not variable speed, so I'm...
  29. A

    Taking down the Intex 9X18, sand filter, and SWG

    I'm draining my Intex. We want to us that space for something else in the winter so we will not leave it up. I have a few questions: 1. How do I close the pump and SWG? 2. I want to give her a good scrub down. What dilution bleach water for cleaning the empty pool? 3. I want to store the...
  30. M

    Aqua-PL- plus ppm instant reading in (-) is half of (+) & read very low vrs confirmed actual

    system consistently reads 600 to 800 ppm below confirmed actual Also, when I reset instant reading & countdown then settles. The (-) is consistently 1/2 or less of the (+) reading as follows; also note big difference in amperes, these should be the same Values just reverse. a) -27.2v. -3.9amp...