1. D

    SWG confusion

    I am new to pools, and am rather confused about our Intex Salt Water Generator and Sand Filter system. I’m hoping someone can explain in a way I can understand. So we followed all the instructions for set up (a week + into it now). It is the Intex Ultra Rectangular 12x24. The filter and SWG...
  2. S

    Contemplating getting a Pentair Intellichlor

    I'm wanting to have a better understanding of how SWGs work. My understanding is that they kind of work like a puck system (minus the increase in CYA and having to buy pucks - you buy salt instead). Is that close to accurate? Here is my current setup (see images) - I have a full Pentair system...
  3. D

    Converting inoperative pool to SWG

    We are in the process of purchasing a house with a pool and just had the pool inspection completed. The existing heater and pump are old and non-functional, so I was wondering if now is the time to convert it to an SWG. We are hoping to have the sellers pay for at least half the cost. I assume...
  4. D

    Low salt reading

    So my aquarite is giving me a reading of 2300. I had the water tested and it's really at 4000. Before opening up this season I replaced my thermistor because my readings were off last season. New thermistor and still bad inaccurate readings. In 8 years I've replaced the thermistor twice...
  5. L


    Hi everyone! New to the site and new to pools. My husband and I just purchased a new home which has a 30 year old salt water pool (cement bottom and fiberglass walls). We decided to attempt to open the pool for summer ourselves because the pool companies in our area are booked until July. We...
  6. K

    VSF Schedule w/ Heat Pump and SWG

    Hi Everyone, After a month of work I finally have my pool clean and I just ordered the water test kit recommended from TFP. Now I'm on the boards seeking support for maintaining the pool and have some specific questions. This year we bought all new equipment and had the following installed...
  7. B

    High salt leads to better opening?

    Hey TFPers, I have a 20k gallon fiberglass with salt water generator. Late last year the salt cell broke and read low salt so we kept adding salt (even though the pool did not need salt). We eventually figured out the problem after buying an electronic salt reader. We got everything back to...
  8. J

    Intex CS8110 SWG cell replacement

    Hey TFP Folks - Longer time lurker of the site for gobs of great info. I have (2) Intex CS8110 SWG for my 22k pool and one of the cells has died. History, I always clean these every season, I live in Michigan - so low use with short seasons. Anyways, the dread "91" low salt error appeared this...
  9. RaleighDawg

    Oversize? SWG, Filter, Heater

    I read a lot of posts about over-sizing the SWG and filter when building a pool. We are about to get started and will be building a 21,000 gallon pool and i want to better understand what is considered oversized appropriately and what would be considered over kill. Our builder is showing a...
  10. L

    Getting started with a SWG

    Hi everyone! I just set up an Intex 15' diameter, 4' tall pool and filled it with water. We added 100lbs of salt as per the pump's instruction manual (Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System) and have gotten it to dissolve. I have a couple of questions: 1) Should I add...
  11. D

    Question on stabilizer before I slam

    Hey y'all! I've had a pool for a season, but our small town pool supply store just went out of business, so I found TFP and am attempting to maintain it myself this year. I got a Taylor testing kit and got some numbers. My FC was 1, CC was 5.5, PH was 8.4, TA was 130, CH was 180, CYA was 0...
  12. hbg16

    New SWG - salinity fluctuation

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well through COVID-19. I just opened my pool and converted to salt. I have a Circupool RJ45 +. I balance my water before adding the salt and then dumbed 14 bags (560 lbs) into the pool. I waited 24 hours and then turned the SWG on. My initial reading was 3500...
  13. Mermaid Mama

    SWG & Gas heater that will work on temp & long term pool?

    Hello everyone! Hoping for your advice on the pool we just ordered for the summer with grim possibility of not having community pools for summer. We have plans on building a nice gunite pool by next summer so don't want to buy anything unnecessary twice like heater or SWG. Temporary Pool...
  14. M

    Brand New Pool Install

    I have an new pool, roughly 5212 gallons with a SWG (Intex) My question is do I need to create my own FC first before starting up the SWG so it doesn't have to work as hard? or get my CYA levels to 70 min (recommended for salt based on other threads I have found) and start the SWG according to...
  15. P

    NaCl Upward Drift?

    I started my opening process about a month ago. After the rainiest winter on record, my salt levels (along with CYA and CH) were rock bottom. I got the salt up to 3000 ppm, and left it there. Well in the month since, we’ve had two rain events of 5”+ (each) that have required me to pump out...
  16. C

    Looking for SWG retrofit contractor in Austin, TX

    I am about to move into a new house and want to retrofit the pool with a SWG. I am having a hard time finding a reputable contractor to do it. Does anyone have suggestions? PLEASE HELP! PS - I know they somehow think it will damage my coping, equipment, etc but I am on TFP and know the real...
  17. RS.business

    Introduction and new owner - Pool and Hot Tub

    Hi everyone, I am hoping there is enough info in the signature to give a background on the recent installation. :) Located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2019, my wife and I decided to redo our backyard. All four kids are between ages 2-11, so we figure it was time we installed...
  18. fatboy1271

    Backwash Valve "Exploded...?" Follow up

    It's been more than 60 days since I last responded to my original post, so in accordance with Forum rules I am starting a new follow up thread. Here's the original post: https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/backwash-valve-exploded.197116/#post-1738460 Essentially, my plumbing blew out around...
  19. Trk3263

    I think I have a problem with RJ45+

    I recently installed an RJ45+ it was running initially and I could see the haze like it was generating chlorine. However it was showing my instant Salt reading was only around 2600 and my average is still showing at 2500. The water was cold and around 57 so I thought it could have been something...
  20. hbg16

    Switching to SWG - Need Help with "Which One"

    Hi, I am new to TFP and was hoping I could get some help making sure I make the right choice in selecting a SWG. I am one that over researches to a point of being back to square 1 with way too much information. That said I am look to switch to a SWG and below is some information about my pool...
  21. B

    SWG High Flow Rate Limit?

    I am currently converting from Clorox to a Circupool RJ+ SWG system. I have seen on the Pentair SWGs that there is a maximum flowrate through their cell, but I don't find anything on maximum flowrate of a Circupool. Does anyone know if there is a maximum flowrate for a Circupool RJ45+ cell?
  22. Jandy AquaPure Model Configuration

    Jandy AquaPure Model Configuration

    A jumper is cut for the PURE700 cell and connected for the PURE1400 cell.
  23. Z

    SWG pool with PVC liner - color coating peeling off

    Hello, new registered here. But I watch your great forum for some time already. I have a problem on SWG pool with PVC liner. The SWG is not controlled other then built in electronics. No automatic pH adjustment, no SWG on/off control. The electrolytic cell is running, when the circulation pump...
  24. wille

    Proper way to turn off SWG

    When you turn off the SWG to add salt, what is the proper way to turn it off and then back on? I put mine in Service mode and then unplugged it and reversed this for turning it back on. Is that correct?
  25. wille

    Adding salt to SWG pool

    In following the directions in the e-book, I added salt to my pool last night and am in the process of running for 24 hours. I unplugged the SWG, as instructed. Now, at 22 hours, the pool has 0 chlorine in it. Suggestions?
  26. M

    Reconciling Recommendations for SWG SLAMs

    I'm a new pool owner and have found everything here super useful for getting up to speed with my pool. I'm a little confused on the advice concerning SLAM with salt-water though. On the one hand, it is usually recommended here that the SWG be turned off for a SLAM as its contribution is very...
  27. D

    Cannot maintain chlorine levels

    I have a new pool, 4 months old. Hayward T15 swg. I cannot keep the FC levels up despite running the cell at 95% for 12 hours a day for the past month straight. CYA is 55. Ph has been at 7.4 for months and I have added zero acid. TA is 80. Salt is 2900. I have suspected that I have a bad salt...
  28. D

    Hayward Aqua Trol LCD Not Showing All Digits

    Hi - my Aqua Trol LCD is not showing all of the digits that it is supposed to. I have worked my way through the trouble shooting manual to test voltages and resistivities and everything seems OK. The one part that I am not sure about is the last voltage test - am I testing the DC voltage...
  29. G

    Installing SWG with Pentair VS Intelliflo

    I currently have an Pentair VS Intelliflo pump and I want to enjoy my pool more than worrying about the chemicals in this hot SoCal Inland Empire weather. So I have decided to install a SWG but have a few questions first because of the VS pump I have. Hopefully, some of our members can chime...
  30. P

    Can't get FC to drop in SWG pool

    Hello everyone, New to the forum, new to pool ownership, not new to pool maintenance but not a hardened veteran either. For a couple of years many years ago, I was a manager at a large public pool, so I understand fundamentals and definitely know how to properly test chemistry. We recently...