1. wille

    Proper way to turn off SWG

    When you turn off the SWG to add salt, what is the proper way to turn it off and then back on? I put mine in Service mode and then unplugged it and reversed this for turning it back on. Is that correct?
  2. wille

    Adding salt to SWG pool

    In following the directions in the e-book, I added salt to my pool last night and am in the process of running for 24 hours. I unplugged the SWG, as instructed. Now, at 22 hours, the pool has 0 chlorine in it. Suggestions?
  3. M

    Reconciling Recommendations for SWG SLAMs

    I'm a new pool owner and have found everything here super useful for getting up to speed with my pool. I'm a little confused on the advice concerning SLAM with salt-water though. On the one hand, it is usually recommended here that the SWG be turned off for a SLAM as its contribution is very...
  4. D

    Cannot maintain chlorine levels

    I have a new pool, 4 months old. Hayward T15 swg. I cannot keep the FC levels up despite running the cell at 95% for 12 hours a day for the past month straight. CYA is 55. Ph has been at 7.4 for months and I have added zero acid. TA is 80. Salt is 2900. I have suspected that I have a bad salt...
  5. D

    Hayward Aqua Trol LCD Not Showing All Digits

    Hi - my Aqua Trol LCD is not showing all of the digits that it is supposed to. I have worked my way through the trouble shooting manual to test voltages and resistivities and everything seems OK. The one part that I am not sure about is the last voltage test - am I testing the DC voltage...
  6. G

    Installing SWG with Pentair VS Intelliflo

    I currently have an Pentair VS Intelliflo pump and I want to enjoy my pool more than worrying about the chemicals in this hot SoCal Inland Empire weather. So I have decided to install a SWG but have a few questions first because of the VS pump I have. Hopefully, some of our members can chime...
  7. P

    Can't get FC to drop in SWG pool

    Hello everyone, New to the forum, new to pool ownership, not new to pool maintenance but not a hardened veteran either. For a couple of years many years ago, I was a manager at a large public pool, so I understand fundamentals and definitely know how to properly test chemistry. We recently...
  8. norbie

    Converting my Bromine Pool to SWG

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of replacing my vinyl liner and would like to upgrade my Bromine pool to SWG. This seems to be the perfect time to do it but from what I’ve been reading the system my installer wants to sell me isn’t recommend. They sell the Pool Pilot Digital Nano + for...
  9. J

    Going away, SWG and suspect algea outbreak

    Hi, I'm a new pool owner, pool was filled about 5 weeks ago. Up until last week I was manually adding dichlor and dry acid to keep the pool balanced, and didn't have any issues. Last week I added salt to 4000 ppm in preparation for the installation of a SWG, after adding the salt I had issues...
  10. O

    Unusual test results

    The background: For reasons that have not yet been determined, the output of my SWG failed and the FC went to 0 sometime during the week. The obvious surprise consequence was a cloudy pool the following weekend, so I hit the turbo boost on the cell and tossed in about a pound of dichlor that's...
  11. Jon123

    Hard brown/rusty flakes?

    Any ideas what these are/what’s causing them? This is the first time I’ve really had the pool open since owning it. I’m not sure if these may be coming from the heater (haven’t experimented yet). I can see the flakes inside the SWG, but that is plumbed directly after the heater, so it could be...
  12. J

    CYA on a SWG Pool during SLAM

    Hello Everyone. Long time member but mostly a reader. I am very late into the opening of my pool this year. I have a SWG pool and I got my CYA up to 30. I am wondering about the need to have it in the 70's now since my SWG is shutoff until I am done with the SLAM process. Is it necessary to...
  13. M

    Intex SWG Service Light - Fixed!

    I have an Intex CS8111 SWG that's been running great for years, but this year after about 3 weeks of running fine, the service light came on and the pump shut down. Cycling the power caused the pump to turn on and the 'Working' light to illuminate, but after about 1 minute, it would shut down...
  14. laprjns

    SWCG - Does CSI Need to be Managed

    I have and IG vinyl pool and never really paid much attention to my low CH (at least since using the TFP method) and therefore didn't manage my CSI. However this year I went all in with Inyo Pool and installed their Crystal Pure 60k SWCG along with the Purline 1.65hp VS pump. I believe that I...
  15. giabadger

    Starting over: Last year was chasing numbers, looking for less of that this year.

    I guess when you can only have an above-ground pool, really, EVERY year is starting over, but this year we've managed to squeeze a larger pool on the same spot. And looking back on my test results from last year, looks like I have about 2 months and 1 week from today to enjoy this pool, so I...
  16. S

    SWG and Pets - Dangerous?

    I have looked around, but cannot find a good answer about pets drinking from a pool with salt. How dangerous is this? I have one cat (and countless other critters) that might drink from the pool regularly.
  17. T

    residential in-deck pool SWG--do they exist anymore?

    Helo SWG Wizards. I inherited my pool 3 years ago. I was surprised that the ancient AutoPilot Cubby system with the In-Deck cell installation worked very well after I cleaned up the cell. For 2 years I didn't worry at all about chlorine levels--it just worked perfectly. 1 year ago, the cell...
  18. A

    New pool, can I add salt now?

    My pool was installed over the winter here in New York, so after the brushing phase, they closed it without adding any of the salt, and said they would do it when they opened it this spring. They came out at the beginning of last week and opened it and cleaned it, but because they were “busy”...
  19. H

    Forever low FC with SWG

    Greetings, I just had a 7,300 gallon fiber glass pool installed. After reading TFP I was all excited to get started, trouble is I can't get my FC to stay at the recommended ranger. I have a Purechlor SWG and superflo vs. Based on what I've read here I've been running the superflo vs at...
  20. M

    Slamming with SWG

    Hi Guys! Quick question, I have read that when slamming it is not needed to run the SWG. Which I don’t do...With that being said my CYA is 40. Should I slam with a CYA of 40 pass the OCLT then add stabilizer before running SWG. Or should I add stabilizer during the slam so when I pass the OCLT...
  21. B

    Bonding Loop

    I have a fairly new pool, this will be our 3rd year with it. I am trying to add a Hayward Aqua-trol and I am stumped at this bonding loop. From what I can tell we should already have one for our pool to pump? However, we do not and that is how the professional installed it. So my question is do...
  22. M

    First Water Test - Now Taylor 2006C

    Hi everyone, I ordered this test kit before I joined here and started reading the advice. Should I scrap it completely and order the recommended Taylor? Or can I use this kit on most days and the more expansive testing 1 or 2 times per week? Here are the result I got: FC 0.6 CC 0.0 Bromine...
  23. S

    SWG conversion help and ideas

    Hello All, I am a newish (bought house just over 1 year ago) pool owner. I struggled through last season working with the previous owners pool company with many issues and multiple green pool events. I am just starting the opening process again now and want to get started on a better foot...
  24. H

    Circupool RJ

    Hello I was wondering how many of you mounted your Circupool RJ or SJ exposes to direct rain? They are recommending covering it and keeping it out of direct exposure. ... I am considering the Pureline Crystal Pure because they said it doesn’t have to be protected from it at all
  25. S

    Need to replace Salt Cell

    The control panel for my salt water pool system had a check cell message so I took my Hayward TurboCell T-Cell-15 to the local pool store to test. They told me it failed the test and to replace it would cost $900. I nearly fell over. Then they told me that I could convert my saltwater system...
  26. planoattorney

    Help Choosing SWG

    Every year I say this is the year I convert to salt - this time I really mean it. LOL I looked here for feedback, opinions, etc. on what I should consider (i.e. what is best) and the general consensus seems to be all the major players are good / best in their own way. With that in mind, I...
  27. C

    Planning an Indoor Pool!

    Hello everybody. I just joined TFP since i am in the stage of planning an indoor pool. After reading a lot of posts in the forum and searching online i have some questions. 1) What type of chlorinacion is better for indoor pools? SWG or convencional chlorine system? I am also interested in not...