Pump motor failing, need advice.


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Yeah, it's pricy. I was thinking more along the lines of Raspberry Pi or Arduino for a DIY solution.

I NEED to mount the controller somewhere else as you can see:

To get that in there, I had to remove the controller completely. I chatted with Inyo prior to doing that, and they informed me it was OK to do:


I got an email from Inyo a couple of hours later that I should NOT remove the controller. However the deed was already done.

Now I need to find out where to get some wire like they use in the controller, so I can mount it somewhere reachable.


I felt like a contortionist yesterday.


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So I mounted the controller remotely. It seems sprinkler wire is appropriate for the job. It ended up being 18agw, rather than the original 20agw(probably) that the original is.


I'm not sure how "waterproof" that housing is, though it must be since it was originally just mounted on top of the motor. I'll probably mount it inside a waterproof housing anyway to protect it from the sun and increase water incursion protection.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!
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Hello again! I recently replaced a single speed pump with a VS one and posted it here. Mostly done now.

HOWEVER! Since the area is now dry and free of a leaky pump, a new leak at the pvc outlet from the pump, just before the 90 bend.

Here's a pic:


I intend to patch this for now, but want to prepare for eventually replacing it. I feel like there's not a lot of room there to work with. Any thoughts?