Pump/Filter advice


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Aug 28, 2013
Newport, NC
Morning everyone,
well, while mowing my yard yesterday I cut the mower off to regas and noticed it was very quiet in the backyard. Pool pump had died! I knew it was going to go soon, small pump, making noises, many years old, so no real surprise.

Pump/filter is a Intex sand filter combo Model 15110. I have a circular, above ground that is 24' x 52" deep. It is a saltwater pool. I'm realizing now that I was probably undersized on my pump for this pool.
I am (was?) considering just replacing the pump. I have enough room that I can sit it beside the filter and make it work.

Two questions. 1) If the pump was too small, is the filter too small also and should I replace both? 2) if replacing just pump is ok, is the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix 2-speed, 1 hp good enough?
I don't see flow rates for the pump anywhere, but because it is a lot bigger I am assuming it would be more than sufficient. I definitely feel like I need more pump than I had. Due to being in the south (NC) and around trees, I
run the pump 12 hours daily to keep algae at bay.
I also like the idea of the 2 speed pump so I can vacuum my pool through the skimmer, which I haven't been able to do because the old pump wasn't strong enough.

Any advice appreciated!


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Jul 10, 2009
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I think your pump choice is fine for your pool. Vacuuming should be much better with the new pump. Also you can run the pump on low speed to filter the water.