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May 20, 2020
Neenah, Wisconsin
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This place has way too many people helping out others. I just give up… 8 out of 10 posts I’m replying someone else beat me to it…

I’d say it is the good kind of “problem” to have. :)
It’s OK. We all say things just a little bit differently, and maybe my wording doesn’t click for someone but yours does, or vice versa.

Or maybe they don’t believe it when one person says it, but when 3 more say a variation of the same thing, then maybe they buy it.



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Feb 27, 2022
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Nominating @SoDel for "outstanding member" for this post specifically in addition to the discussion in this other thread a few weeks back.

I realize I'm a noob myself, and my on-the-spectrum mind finds way more interest in the minutiae of obsolete automation systems and not chemistry, but I was impressed at SoDel's willingness to read and absorb some of the more "deep end" chemistry info here. Not to mention asking questions looking for the truth, not confirmation bias. I've been here since February and most of the hardcore chemistry stuff still goes way over my head. I understand chlorine goes in, chlorine gets used up, more chlorine goes in and I understand the FC/CYA ratio. Beyond that I'm usually lost :LOL:

Anyway, a great member like this deserves to be recognized!


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Jul 21, 2011
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About a year ago my 14 year old daughter asked me if she could get a job. The local fast food restaurant was hiring and needed help desperately. Hearing a 14 year old say they wanna work is a shock to your ears and is totally against what everybody pictures actually occurs, and there was no way I wasn’t gonna encourage her. She dressed up, filled out an application, and did a job interview. Can’t tell you how proud I was of her.

During this interview an older gentleman came inside wanting to sit down and eat. Because the place was so short handed they had closed the dining room and the staff told the gentleman he’d have to use the drive-thru. Dude went crazy. My daughter sat there and upon his departure looked at the lady doing the interview and simply stated, “I thought it was my generation that was the problem.”

We didn’t let her take the job……..

The way people treat each other anymore is amazing, and scary. The amount of negativity we deal with day after day is absurd. But every now and then you get the following message. A message that rekindles your passion and gets you fired up. I received this message this weekend and knew I had to share a portion of the email and thank them publicly.
@Bo Hurley

I thank you for rekindling my passion to help others. I really hope others will have the same fire reignited thanks to you.

Thanks for the welcome, Leebo! I just discovered TFP after getting up in the middle of the night…could not sleep because I have been obsessing over my PebbleTec pool for the last two weeks, after returning from 7 weeks away. That anxiety is taking a toll on me. What a great site TFP is!
TPF has given me a new UNDERSTANDING of pool chemistry that has already alleviated much of my pool anxiety and frustration and given me a newfound confidence that I, alone or with the help of others online, can and will overcome my current pool problems and enable me to generate an efficient and economical pool maintenance routine.

Using the TFP site, I have already, just overnight, obtained HIGHLY RELIABLE ANSWERS to a wide variety of pool questions which have been on my mind for years, but which have proven to be very difficult or impossible to reliably answer, even after a massive amount of web research time as well as time reading books on pool maintenance.