Outdoor kitchen advice


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Dec 21, 2017
San Antonio, TX
How much linear counter space do I need for a grill (probably 32 inch), a sink, refrigerator, undercounter ice maker, trash receptacle, and a storage area? We were planning on 8 feet but now I think I need more.


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Jun 20, 2016
Ok I can stab at this. But there r many answers.

Grill: in general 36 or more
trash: can be anywhere between 12-22 depending on size of cans. And roll outs used by whoever makes it or I buy from.
Storage: that’s personal pref but at least 36 inchesxfor double door storage with shelves or pull outs.
Sink: anything from I would say 24-32 to be a functional sink to wash in I feel bit out kitchen sink is 48 inches long and 14 inches deep so we r not ofche norm.
Frig: depends on size. 20-24
ice: my uline indoor is 15 rough in. There is a larger model I know. Other companies I looked at were similar.

You up can start with that but no way of knowing till u pick stuff out and lay it out. I picked everything and if something didn’t fit I started looking for alts. I was going to use stainless access doors with storage and trash but saw him much useless space that take up so my buddy’s shop is making everything for me now custom out of epe wood.


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May 25, 2017
Southern NJ
I think you're gonna need more than 8'. Depends on the layout and size of your appliances/cabinets, of course, but you want to make sure you have enough room in between everything and plenty of counter space. Agree that you have to pick out what you want and draw everything out to make sure it fits.

My build is an "L" shape, 12' (long end) by 5' (short end). 32" grill, 12" side burner, and 18" sink on top; 22" fridge, 14" drawers, 18" cabinet and two 32" cabinets on bottom.