Sep 8, 2010
New to the pool school! It seems like the place to be! :) New pool this June. I have not shocked after pool company set it up and got swim ready. OTO test and PH have always been fine. water sparkles. Do I leave well enough alone? Just ordered a Taylor K 2006 kit before I found this sight for CYA testing etc. When it arrives what is the most important test to perform. Sorry for the dumb questions.
Thanks Mike

Mike W. Mesquite NV,
10400 Gal, IG, Plaster over Gunite, Jandy CV460 2HP, Flow Rate 150 GPM


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hey, Mike,

Welcome to the forum!!! Sounds like you have been taking great care of your pool.

It would be a good idea to perform ALL the tests in the K2006 (it has CYA testing and is a great kit) and post them up here on the forum.

You'll probably be encouraged to do a little tweaking but crystal clear water is the goal and you're there!!


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Nov 5, 2008
It is good practice to log the results of your tests. Keeping records of test results and the chemicals you add, what and how much and when, can tip you off to slow changes that need attention.


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Jan 6, 2010
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All of them are important. Especially when you're just starting to use the kit - you want to establish a baseline. Then, when TA suddenly leaps and you haven't added anything, you'll realize there's something wrong with the test, not the pool. Just as an example. It happened to me the other day, when I opened a new bottle of R-009. And I knew better. But I digress.

You need all the numbers to enter into Pool Calculator, so it can calculate CSI, which is important to prevent concrete decay or scaling.