New Owner Build in FL near Orlando


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Apr 17, 2020
Orlando, FL
Thursday, we had the footer poured. They mixed two pallets of concrete by hand in a wheel barrel. Quite an impressive feat. The plumber also came back to move the deck jets away from the coping and to redo the valves that would have ended up in the dirt once I graded the equipment area. My wife is now happy with the plumbing. I started finishing the equipment area with pebbles and was interrupted two days in a row with rain and lightning. Maybe next weekend I can finish it up... We also met with another interior finish company and will most likely go with them. The owner came out to give me a quote and left me with two boxes of samples. It is nice, so we have time to put them out in the pool area and wet them down to see how they will look. We are delayed right now with the pavers unfortunately. The supplier has not delivered on time and now we are looking at a 2 week delay. footer.jpgequipment.jpg
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