New intelliflo, plumbing questions


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Apr 16, 2017
flower mound texas
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My pool is 14 years old and I am upgrading my pump to new intelliflo. Looking forward to saving money;)

I have some plumbing repairs from the years and decided to replace the above ground plumbing. Was thinking I could use the pentair pump to run the pool cleaner eliminating the booster pump. Saw a thread here saying it could not supply the flow needed for a 280 Polaris. Oh well I still am simplifying the plumbing a little.

Crude diagram attached shows what the plan is. I am thinking of adding a check valve after the filter. With old plumbing I had some loss of prime and thought the check valve might help.

Just waiting on my surge suppressor and coupling to arrive to get started. Oh I am replacing a 2.0 HP Jandy Stealth, great pump but overkill and energy hog

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Dan


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP.. A Great resource for all new pump owners.. :shark:

You will love your new Intelliflo.

There is no reason to add the check valve after the filter, and I doubt that is the side that would be causing a priming issue.

You cannot use the Intelliflo to replace the booster pump.

Do NOT install this pump without using pump unions... Like this...

They have an O-Ring on the threaded side.. In my opinion, it should be illegal to install a $1,000 pump without them.. :cool:

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.