New IG pool build in League City

Fabulous pool and with the kids in it's perfect. Our kids and 3 grand kids live in League City... hopefully will be getting started with their pool one day too!

Are you going to DIY the maintenance?

Hi Thank you. Yes. We have the Taylor K2006C test kit and will be maintaining the pool ourselves. We actually like brushing it, kinda a good relaxing time. And it's a huge investment for us, and no one will care for it like we will.
That looks AWESOME!! Bet the kids are sleeping real good after playing in that!!! WIN-WIN!

So can you do something for me? That is such a pretty color of plaster and here is chance to show it off and help others pick their color. Can you please go to this thread: Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off and add a couple of pics of your pool. I am hoping for a pic looking down at the steps to show how the different depths chances the color and a pic of the deep in. Please list brand of plaster, color, and any extras you added. THANKS! :hug:

Thank you.. Yes, we will get on it and get those posted.