Need help with cloudy water, very high alkalinity and low ph


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Nov 4, 2017
We recently bought a house with a 18 x 36 vinyl liner pool aprox 21,000 gallons with automatic cover in WI. For the first few weeks after the pool guy opened it the water was clear but we battled low chlorine and low ph. I have been using tablets in a feeder and adding bleach to keep levels up and borax for ph. I just got the tl 100 kit and these are my numbers:

ph 7.2 (about 8 boxes of borax have been added, and jets pointed up to aerate)
Calcium 350
Cya 20 (recently added some stabilizer after strips read low)
FC .5
CC 1
Water is cloudy
I’m going to add stabilizer and chlorine but not sure what to do about the continued cloudy water and high alkalinity with low ph.
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