Need a good way to weigh down steps


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Feb 10, 2017
Longview / Texas
I am a new pool owner and we have the Confer CCX-AG steps as shown in the picture below. I did not want to use the sand poured into the step frames, as per the instructions, based on my searching and reading about these steps and the extra weight when it is time to remove the steps from the pool. I drilled extra holes for water circulation and made some weights from 3" PVC cut 20" long and capped. 3 of these were filled with sand and two were filled with concrete I had. I then placed the steps in the pool and then attached the weights under the steps using cable tie wraps. The results were not good and the steps would move around and tilt. We have not built our deck yet and that might be a factor. In the picture below you can see where one weight was just placed on the bottom step since I knew I would be removing these. We didn't want to leave them in the pool moving around so much on the liner. I think they will be much more stable once I have a deck built and can "anchor" down the railings which would secure the back of the steps. Has anyone else with these types of steps found a successful way to weight them down? Did they become very stable once attached to the deck? Thanks.

Here are the steps after removing from the pool. You can see the weights and two milk jugs full of sand we placed on the bottom steps to help stabilize them while in use.



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Jul 10, 2012
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The deck will make all of the difference. For right now you should put some bath mats under them to keep the liner safe. Just remember to take them out and check for algae as they can be algae farms.



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Jun 15, 2017
I have the same steps and managed to fit 2x 5 gallon buckets in the bigger part in the back tied to a piece of pvc running across and another 5gallon bucket under the smaller bit of the addition steps,just attached with a bungee. All filled with 80lbs of sand total. I also left the steps themself empty, i didnt wanna put the sand inside so i can move it. Thinking that was enough i managed to get it off the deck today and into the pool but it still wants to float a little bit, mainly on the side with the addition steps. I gotta run out yet for bolts to secure it to the deck, so maybe the will do the trick. That will give you and idea though of how much weight your gonna need to get that thing to sit down


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Mar 23, 2014
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I think you will be fine with the weight you have once you attach them to a deck. We were using ours with only weighted jugs and the stairs moved like crazy. Attached them to the deck this year and they are solid as a rock. Our kids love making "storms" in the pool (getting waves up by rocking back and forth on inflatable tubes), and those steps haven't budged. Very pleased with them now that they are attached!

Edited to add: We have the same pool, 28ft version :)


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Feb 10, 2017
Longview / Texas
Thanks for the responses. I still have not finished the deck but I am getting closer. Had a few setbacks and health issues but I am about to start laying on the deck boards. I am eager to see how attaching the steps to the deck will "solidify" the steps. Hope not too much nasty stuff has grown inside them while sitting out in the sun for a long time.
May 8, 2015
Brandon, MS
We have the same steps and used 4 one gallon jugs filled with wet sand attached to PVC pipe hanging from the underside of the steps. Works like a charm. You may not have enough weight.