Maintenance kit recommendations


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May 23, 2018
I inherited a 16x(52? Ive been told) summer escapes pool from a friend who upgraded. Thought i would give it a try and if the family enjoys it i will upgrade aswell. It already came with the pump delete on the skimmer to attach a hose. I have already purchased a Intex 16" sand filter and SWG also have Intex plunger valves on route. Ground was prepped last year so im good to go. Just need to get some electricity back there.

My question is, I'm looking for a full maintenance kit. Brush, pole, vacuum head etc. Any recommendations? Ive seen the Intex Deluxe kit but not sure if its worth it. Also theres a kit on ebay i was looking at. Just no pole or hose


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May 3, 2014
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Do you travel to the US border often? The best water chemistry test kit is from TFTestkits. They have bundles with some of the items you show. However, they cannot ship to Canada as a Canadian company has exclusive marketing rights to Taylor test products in Canada and thus charges many times over what you can get them from TFTestkits. So, if you ship to a mail drop at a US/Can border town you can drive down and pick it up.


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May 10, 2017
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Probably piece what you want together. You need:

Vacuum + hose + place to hook it up to pump (or just a robot would be better)
Some de for your sand filter is nice too
Quality test kit such as tf100 or Taylor 2006c