Is this a gimmick or does it really work well with a VS pump


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Jan 22, 2020
Surf City, NC
Im looking to replace my standard return jets with something better. Im also looking at these 2 items.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I can't think of any reason to use the "variable" one.. Seems to me the goal is to even out your filter pressure, as if that means anything. My filter pressure at 1200 RPM is about 1 PSI, yet I still have plenty of water returning to the pool...

I guess the slotted ones have some use if the design of your pool makes it hard to point the flow where you want.

I see no use for the "Infusion" one????

What is your goal, what is not happening now?

Let's hope that one of our other members knows what I am missing here.. :)


Jim R.