Humming Pool Pump


Apr 26, 2016
West Columbia
Hello everyone, Yesterday I noticed my pump not working. When i got closer to the pump and realized it had tripped the switch for the pump. After reseting the switch i turned the pool pump back on. Nothing happened except a small hummimg noise. After looking through some threads it looks as though this is a fairly common occurance. The problem I'm having is most people say to replace the pool start capacitor and it should fix the problem. I started looking for a start capacitor and found out my particular pump dynamo 340210 does not use one. So I’m lost as to what to do. I just replaced this pump 2 years ago and really only have used it for about 1 year total. I took the back cover off and can freely spin it and I’m able to spin and turn it on however it does not stay on and even when it is on it’s not putting out enough power to turn over any water. Any suggestions? I have a short video though I can’t figure how to attach it. thank you