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May 18, 2017
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Hey everyone! So, my pool is about 15 years old, and the liner had a pinhole leak in it. While the pool was partially drained over the winter, water was able to leak in between the liner and pool wall and then freeze. The expanding ice behind the liner caused it to separate itself from the pool wall. The happened last year, but only slightly, and I was able to stretch the liner and re-hook it on the wall. This time it's a 10+ foot section and it's not happening. It's time for a new liner! I've never purchased a liner before, and don't have the funds to pay someone else to replace it. I'm confident that I can do it with a few friends, but I have some questions first...

Here's the details of my pool according the the invoice from the builder:

24' x 54" Echo Canyon by Artesian Pools (above ground)
24' x 54" J-Hook Liner w/ Terrazzo Print

Question #1: I know it says 54" liner on the invoice, but I just wanted to verify. The builder's manual says that there should be 2" of sand underneath the liner. I measured from the pool bottom to the top of the wall, and it is indeed 52". Do all 54" liners compensate for this 2" of sand, or do I need a 52" liner?

Question #2: I see websites adverting J-hook liners as well as "UniBead" liners that are supposedly compatible with J-hook pools. Is there any downside to using a UniBead liner in a J-hook configuration? Is it better to get a true J-hook liner?

Question #3: What thickness (mil) should I shoot for? I don't expect this pool to last another 15 years, so I don't need the best of the best, but I don't want it to tear super easily either.

Question #4: Does anyone recommend any particular website or store for buying a liner? I'd like to keep it around $300 or less.



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Jul 10, 2012
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This can be a fun time as well as a scary time in your pool life!

1. Size-I would order what you already have. There will be some stretch but don't take the chance of it being too small.

2. I got the unibead liner this time and it worked like a charm! No worries. I have the J hook hanger.

3.Get as thick as you can. Better safe than sorry on this part.

4. My husband ordered our new one from E-bay as they had the best price that he could find. The company was "savemoreonpoolsupplies" I think. Find the design you like, in your size and go from there. Happy picking!!