1. getalegup

    My Polaris 380 with many problems. Fix a little, Fix a lot or Replace? Need feedback.

    tl/dr How broken and/or underperforming should my Polaris 380 be before I fix, rebuild or replace it? Long story: My Polaris 380 has a lot of problems. I hope that this forum can help me decide whether to fix it or replace it. 1. The base assembly is broken. The rectangular tab that sits just...
  2. P

    Help replacing Hayward LED pool lights?

    Hi my pool is about 5 years old. When it was built, the installer put in low-voltage Hayward LED pool lights. They started flickering about two years ago and stopped working completely about a year ago and I'm having trouble figuring out how to replace them. The lights say they are Hayward model...
  3. R

    Help with New Liner Selection

    Hey everyone! So, my pool is about 15 years old, and the liner had a pinhole leak in it. While the pool was partially drained over the winter, water was able to leak in between the liner and pool wall and then freeze. The expanding ice behind the liner caused it to separate itself from the pool...