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    Replacing liner

    hello all, I am replacing my vinyl liner and the bottom of the pool is concrete not vermiculite. I know this because it's rained and it is holding water. I have read it's fine and good contractors use concrete instead of vermiculite. Regardless the liner I just pulled out was wrinkled like a...
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    Need help on what to tackle first on restoring in ground pool

    Hello! First time being here and posting. We purchased a foreclosure with the intention on fixing the in ground pool that existed. I am not sure how long it's been neglected, we KNEW it needed a liner but when my husband drained I this weekend to get all measurements we feel we need more than a...
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    Frozen IGP - ICE & Vinyl Liner Question ?

    I have a sag in my liner where several of the liner track screws have given way. We have had a super wet winter here in the NE, so the pool level is very high. It was actually very close to going behind the liner where it's sagging. Today I wanted to drain some what from the pool to prevent...