First-time pool owner, looking for help about weir door and return jets


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Aug 10, 2020
Whitby, ON
Hello! I have moved into a house with a pool for the first time in my life.

About my pool:
16ft x 32ft (Kidney Shaped)
~16000 gallons
2 Returns (Both missing eye-ball things)

Kafko Equator - Model KP skimmer

Hayward Filter 300lb Sand Filter (Year: 2020)
Diameter 22.5" / 572mm

Hayward Super Pump - Self Priming - 1 HP

Heater: (Ancient - Does Not Work)
Teledyne Laars EGC-250
Type: Natural Gas
Orifice Size: 43 DMS
Input: 250k BTU
Output: 175k BTU

Learning a lot about balancing pool water and general pool maintenance from the forums!

I am looking for help with missing critical parts in my pool:
- Weir Door
- Eye Ball things for my two returns

Long story short, I found out from YouTube videos that weir doors serve important functions and I didn't even know such a thing existed!

The entrance to my skimmer where the door would go looks like this: I am hoping that someone would help me choose if I should buy the original part, or how to use the conversion kit from the Kafko Equator - Model KP skimmer parts list or if I should buy universal spring loaded doors..

Also, looking for advice on finding the right eye ball things for my return jets.

I hope I can find some expert help. Thank you in advance!
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Jul 7, 2014
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Most people don't remove a weir door on purpose, the supporting plastic tends to break... I know nothing about your skimmer, but I would try to see if it appears that the mounting pins or holes are there and if they are, I would try to buy the factory replacement weir.. If not, then I would go with a universal door. For a universal door, you have to measure the width and height of where the door would go and then buy a door that is slightly smaller.. A lot easier to do when you can get in the water, rather than wait for the winter.. :)

Most return pipes have a standard 1.5" threaded end that any standard "eyeball" will fit.. Some use plan pipe, so the eyeballs have to be the press in style.


Jim R.