1. T

    Pool Skimmer Suction Hole Question

    Hello! First time pool owner that gets a lot information reading the TFP forums. First time posting as well. We had some strong winds yesterday and I noticed once I got home, the pool skimmers baskets were clogged with leaves and other debris as the pumps were running on a timer. I could...
  2. S

    One return in a 40k pool, should I renovate?

    I just moved into my new house a year ago and the ~40k gallon pool only has one return line and one skimmer basket (and a ton of trees that drop leaves into it the water). Should I be renovating it to add more returns and skimmers? I'm very new to pool care and recently had a pool company come...
  3. I

    How to get skimmer to stay in place?? Above ground pool

    Hello all, I’m having a issue getting this skimmer to stay in place. I think it’s made for Intex and I have a best way pool. Does anyone have any ideas. It has cheap plastic screws and I think the skimmer part where it cups around the pool may be too big. So when I turn on pump the skimmer will...
  4. B

    Is the top of skimmer housing supposed to be sealed?

    We typically don't keep our pool that high during the summer season, but during Spring when the pool is still closed, rain water usually brings the water level high enough that it may run off from the gap in the picture. Is this by design or would it risk eroding the soil support around the pool?
  5. D

    Not able to get suction (bad connection)

    I'm cleaning this pool for the first time and I'm not having an easy time w/the equipment. My last pool's skimmer was designed differently. When I fill the hose and plunge the... thing that you plunge into the skimmer, into the skimmer, there's no suction, which is not terribly surprising...
  6. funrunner

    Main drain does nothing…is this a problem?

    New pool owner here. noticed that my pool pump just pulls water from the single skimmer in my pool and nothing is pulled from the two drains at the bottom. Is this a problem? Is my pool skimmer missing a piece in order to pull water from the bottom as well, because I do see the port for it...
  7. N

    Pool Valve Help

    Hello, i bought a home with an inground salt water pool, i am needing to vacuum but i have no clue how to tell which valve controls which skimmer/jet/drain, can someone assist me with the best way to find this out since they did not come labeled. I have one pump, one filter, a heater (which i...
  8. G

    Can someone please help me figure out my plumbing?

    Hi, just moved to a new house with in ground pool, spa, and waterfall, the previous owners did not label anything so I am kind of in the dark. Right now, pressure is 25 psi, Hayward DE filter, return jets are pumping water (not strong flow) The issue is that there is no suction in the...
  9. mkmscr

    Skimmer socks

    Happy Friday everyone! I know many of us are fans of using skimmer socks and I needed to replenish myself for the season. I just scored a nice deal on Amazon for a 12 pack for $9 bucks. Same brand I usually purchase but on sale. They’ll last all season for sure. Anyway, I thought I’d share. Have...
  10. K

    Conflicting Info On Skimmers

    Hi! We are doing an owner build in Las Vegas and receiving conflicting info on the number of skimmers we need. The pool is going to be ~ 600 sq ft (~16,000 gallons). Excavation, shotcrete, and plaster subs are saying two skimmers and plumber and designer are saying one skimmer. Thoughts...
  11. C

    Skimmer Install

    I’m currently in the process of having a fiberglass pool installed. The pool is in the ground and running, thanks to a lot of information from this site. We are expecting the deck and cantilever coping to be poured within the next week. After speaking with the concrete contractor I realized...
  12. S

    Rust above skimmer entrance - advice?

    I recently moved to a new home and am excited to take advantage of the pool! I recently noticed that the are above the skimmer entrance has rusted rebar. Given that this is not a structural issue (correct me if I am wrong) I was considering using something to try to remove some rust and then...
  13. Sam and fam

    New Build Question: Pipe Sizing and Skimmers

    Hello - New to the boards and I have been absorbing as much info as possible on maintaining the pool but as I am now getting construction plans I am starting to fall into the bottomless pit of the overwhelming amount of info out there on plumbing (well everything pool related). Nonetheless...
  14. P

    Fixing a crack in skimmer (ABS plastic)

    Hi There is a crack in one of the skimmers and it is leaking. The skimmer from Astral Pool and made from ABS plastic. What would be the material for fixing the crack? Some sort of epoxy putty? How about a sort of fiberfix tape? Silicone sealant?
  15. E

    Above Ground Pool Bonding

    Hi Everyone, I was having a conversation with an associate of mine who is an electrician and the topic was bonding an above-ground pool. The common way I'm used to seeing done is to use a bonding plate that is installed in the skimmer. It involved drilling a 3/16" hole on the side and inserting...
  16. D

    What type of skimmer float valve would fit this skimmer?

    I bought the Hayward SP1070FV Float Valve Assembly and it wouldn’t fit due to this piece in the skimmer. Any ideas on what type of float valve would fit?
  17. F

    Abnormal observation

    24 ft round above ground pool With a chlorinator at the discharge of sand filter. I purchased a house with a pool in November so the first time of operation for me has been the last week. Water line is roughly 1/4 of the skimmer opening. Recently I have been noticing slight backflow from my...
  18. Pink Pineapple

    Cypress TX New Pool Design Questions

    Hi All! TFP is such a fantastic resource! Now I need some help with the specifics of our pool design. We are looking to have a 20’x40’, 4.5’ deep, rectangular, saltwater pool constructed. We want a 12” deep, 20’x8’ tanning ledge with three bubblers on one end, and a bench the width of the...
  19. Spence

    skimmer diverter stuck? help

    Hi, pretty new to pool ownership. We just recognized that our skimmer didn't seem to be pulling in any water. With the pump on, I cannot actually feel/see suction at all through the skimmer. Tried to reach down and pull up the skimmer diverter (the UFO looking thing) and it is STUCK. It even...
  20. L

    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    Hi, so it looks like our skimmer was set too low. Is this a major issue? The waterline tile and coping was just done and I just went in to look and the tiles slope down into the skimmer instead of a 90 degree turn or slightly up. I have no clue if it’s an issue or just cosmetic. The lid isn’t...
  21. S

    4 years in and still have a lot to learn - I have an old pool and need some advice

    I have been mostly lurking on this site and it has been an amazing boon to someone who knew nothing about pools/maintenance just a few years ago. Thank you to everyone for the great information and discussions. So I have been able to bumble along fairly effectively and maintain my pool for the...
  22. B

    Plumbing and Skimmer Issues

    Sorry for the lengthy post but I want to make sure I cover everything. my wife and I recently purchased a home with a pool. Its roughly 15 x 30 20k gallon inground pool. When we purchased the home we had a few contractors come out to look at the surface and equipment as they were on the last...
  23. M

    2 returns or 1?

    Hello All, Have another question hopefully someone is knowledgeable about this. We are getting to break ground and I have attached our pool design with measurements. The pool builder talked about installing 1 skimmer on the wall of the deep end which is the south side of the pool. I was...
  24. X

    First-time pool owner, looking for help about weir door and return jets

    Hello! I have moved into a house with a pool for the first time in my life. About my pool: Inground 16ft x 32ft (Kidney Shaped) ~16000 gallons 2 Returns (Both missing eye-ball things) Skimmer: Kafko Equator - Model KP skimmer Filter: Hayward Filter 300lb Sand Filter (Year: 2020) Diameter...
  25. B

    Has anyone had their entire skimmer replaced due to a leak?

    I'm having a leak at the skimmer (I have another thread going about that) and a pool maintenance person suggested hiring a leak detection company to find and repair the leak. He told me they might want to replace the entire skimmer, including digging up the concrete and replacing all the skimmer...
  26. M

    Skinner Basket Broken - Again!

    Hey there! We have a new above ground pool with a wide mouth skimmer. The basket has broken 3 times in the last 2.5 weeks. We have a lot of trees and leaves seem to be bogging it down and causing the breaks. We clean it like twice a day and we have a sock. Nothing seems to work. Is there a...
  27. L


    Hi everyone! New to the site and new to pools. My husband and I just purchased a new home which has a 30 year old salt water pool (cement bottom and fiberglass walls). We decided to attempt to open the pool for summer ourselves because the pool companies in our area are booked until July. We...
  28. C

    Built-in Concrete Skimmer Questions (equalizer valve? -- cement crack? -- vacuum?)

    Bought a house in San Jose CA a few months ago with an inground pool. Not sure when the pool was built, but house was built in 1957. Pool was replastered 1-2 years ago. So I’m new to pool ownership and maintenance and trying to learn as I go along. The skimmer didn’t seem to be working well...
  29. E

    Return Line Leak - Skimmer

    Hello, Hoping to get some assistance. After some detective work, I'm confident that I have a skimmer leak and unfortunately it's coming from the plumbing - not the face plate or interior of the skimmer. With the pump off the pool holds water fine. I unplugged my jets, and the pool holds...
  30. T

    Surface skimmer not compatible with pool. Need hack

    We have a summer waves 15x36 foot quick set pool. This year we upgraded to a sand filter. The skimmer is a joke in this pool. It's on piece and has a grate on it, so you can't unscrew the grate. We bought a surface skimmer to help with all the stuff on top. But realized when we went to...