1. Thormus

    No weir door...

    I broke a skimmer basket while cleaning it recently and I was looking into the validity of the skim-a-round. Then while looking at these forums I realized people were talking about weir doors (never heard of that before). No wonder my skimmers don't do anything. I have no weir doors. I can't...
  2. A

    Chlorinating and filtering above ground pool

    So our pool is about 9,000 gallons and our filter pump is 2500 gph. How long should we let out filter run and when is the best time? Also should I put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer or floater? And if I use the floater do I take it out of the pool when the filter is off? Sorry for all the...
  3. A

    Cracked skimmer pipe

    Hi guys. I'm still new to the whole pool ownership but here's the story. We bought a house in Massachusetts last year which had a gunite inground pool. The people that lived here the past 20 yrs never had any issues as far as I know. We had a local pool company, which got good reviews and...
  4. J

    Skimmer switched drain holes

    Hi TFP members, I’ve had this pool for 5 years now, it is much older than that, but every year seems there seems to be a new challenge to get the water clear. I switched 2yrs ago to liquid chlorine that I add daily with a couple of chlorinated pucks thrown in to keep the cya up. Last year was...
  5. J

    Skimmer with zero suction

    Just opened our inground pool (closed it ourselves last year and rented a powerful air compressor to force the water out of the underground lines) and our skimmer does NOTHING. Everything else seems to work fine... the main bottom drain is pulling water and the water is going fine out of the 3...
  6. orbitup

    New Filter/Hard Plumb

    Not one to leave well enough alone I couldn't help myself with the pool my wife wanted. She didn't realize it would be a new hobby for me (like I need another one). So I kept an eye on the price for a few filter/pump combos during the cold season and grabbed a Pentair setup I thought would...
  7. J

    CYA sock method?

    Can you use a skimmer sock for the CYA sock method? Or does it have to be a regular sock? (Skimmer socks are a lot thinner in material and am worried about adding to much CYA at once)
  8. goody222

    Where do you dump skimmer contents?

    I'm curious to know where everyone dumps their skimmer contents. With an inground pool, just dumping in the grass/flower beds could result in it getting blown right back in. I have a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can that I use, but when it rains the can collects water becoming smelly and heavy...
  9. S

    Skimmer and Waterfall

    I'm trying to balance good suction in my skimmer with a nice flow from my waterfall, but I am not that familiar with the controls. Can anyone help me based on the picture provided?
  10. B

    Leaking pool (guess is underground plumbing at skimmer)

    So we have been losing about 2 inches of water with both the pumps running AND the pumps being turned off in a 24-hour period. It stops at the skimmer. We plugged the skimmer hole up with a rubber expansion plug and lost no water. I'm assuming this means that there is a leak in the plumbing? We...
  11. R

    Positioning of Skimmer and Return Jets

    Just finalising the details for my 8.3m x 4m x 1.3m saltwater skimmer type pool with concrete steps to one side (plan attached with new pool deck area shown in yellow), and I'd greatly appreciate the forum's thoughts on the best positions for the skimmers, drains and return jets. We are based...