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Mar 30, 2021
Gilbert, AZ
Hi everybody!

We are in the pre-construction phase of owner building a new pool in the Gilbert/Mesa area of Arizona.

I've read through a lot of content where people have done the same and I'm curious if there is anybody in the area going this route right now (or has recently...I'm thinking COVID-era). If so, I'd love to hear your experiences and advice.

Looking forward to talking more!


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Jun 22, 2020
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Hi neighbor! The most important now is to find how you want your pool to be in your backyard: location, size, format, features and deck type. I recommend posting here a rough drawing if you are not 100% set. I did that and I got excellent feedback that changed my design for the better.

Timelines will vary wildly depending on contractor availability, my timeline is below. In some steps I was lucky to get an early slot, in some I had to wait a week or two. My experience is that contractors will get you in the schedule only when you are ready. For example, plumbers wouldn't allow me in the schedule until after the pool was already dug out, shotcrete wouldn't scheduled until after I passed city inspection. They will happily give you a quote though, so you have an idea of the cost.

Feb 5-6: Excavation
Feb 9: Plumbing
Feb 10: Rebar + Rough Electrical
Feb 11: Inspection (Passed!)
Feb 18: Small plumbing rework finished for shotcrete
Feb 26: Shotcrete
Mar 2-10: Tile, Coping and Deck
Mar 9: Electrical
Mar 12: Inspection (Passed!)
Mar 23-24: Pebbles


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Mar 30, 2021
Gilbert, AZ
EXTREMELY helpful tidbit about getting on the schedule, that changes how I think about it for sure.

I do have a plan drawn up however there are some things that I wouldn't mind changign so I'll be sure get that posted here as well. One of those things for instance is the in-floor cleaning system, I've seen a handful of East Valley folks that really feel the robots do just as good a job, so I'd definitely consider scrapping it if that's truly the case.

Also it's really nice to be able to see your timeline (y)
Thanks so much!


Jun 22, 2017
Chandler, AZ
Hello, I am also in the process of an owner build in South Chandler; I obtained my permit from Maricopa county and am now trying to figure out the exact placement in my yard and the layout of inside of the pool; Baja Steps, steps, bench, water feature, depths, decking, exact equipment, etc.. I also called AZ811 to make sure no utilities pre-dig; Love some input and to share contractor lists ...


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