1. Winter247

    Best pool deck material for kids and Arizona sun???

    I'm in the design phase for my OB pool and I can't land on a decision about what to use for pool decking. I'm not too concerned with the cost. My issues are: 1. Slip resistant. I need something that won't be too slippery with kids around the pool. 2. Not too hot. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona (so I...
  2. F

    Help! New Pool Build - Arizona

    Hi Everyone! We are currently in the process of finding a pool builder for our first pool and are SO confused. Things I always thought were good like salt water and in floor cleaners are turning out to be not so good from all my reading?? Would love if y'all could help with this quote we...
  3. 1

    First time pool owner going owner builder route

    Hi everybody! We are in the pre-construction phase of owner building a new pool in the Gilbert/Mesa area of Arizona. I've read through a lot of content where people have done the same and I'm curious if there is anybody in the area going this route right now (or has recently...I'm thinking...
  4. T

    Owner build pool Mesa AZ

    Hello everyone I am looking for some info on where to start! I want to contract out my pool myself, I want it to be the most basic pool ever! And pretty small too at 24x11 75 per. I am wanting to know what price I can expect to pay? Would this be doable for around 15k? thanks so much Tori
  5. S

    25ft x 15ft New Pool and Spa - Contractor vs DIY (Phoenix, AZ)

    Hi All, Wife and I are looking to install a simple rectangular play pool with baja ledge and spa. We already have the design we'd like worked up in a SketchUp drawing (see attached). I've gotten one quote that's come in at $45,000 for the pool and spa + $5000 for the water feature. $30,000 for...
  6. iammikeb

    Chlorine Bottle Exchange in Phoenix, Arizona

    Does anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area have a place they recommend for chlorine bottle exchange? I currently recycle my 1 gallon containers, but at 3.5 gallons a week it still feels so wasteful. It’d be great to have a place to pop in and exchange.
  7. MidTNDesertRat

    New pool guy in AZ

    Hello! About 4 weeks away from completion of my new pool. 24L x 14W, 11.5 gal pool. Can’t wait to learn and post with you guys. Attached are some pictures of my set up so far!
  8. CombatVet13

    Clogged Suction line!

    Hey folks! So my suction line is clogged thanks to all the lovely mesquite trees around me. I should have had a leaf canister on my line. Well I just ordered one. Anywho, I need to get my line unclogged. The pool guy who was here suggested getting my “ line blown” with air. They do bot do that...
  9. CombatVet13

    First filter clean and SLAM!

    I went through my first SLAM, and first Cartridge filter clean since the completion of my first pool Opening Mid July. Had a pool party this past Sunday, and the following day, I noticed I was going through chlorine abnormally high. Water remained clear etc., but fearing there was something in...
  10. CombatVet13

    Trichlor and Liquid Chlorine experiment!?

    Hey TFP friends. So something that has been on my mind that I’m implementing. I’m having great success in my first month of pool ownership with the TFP method. Something to ponder and hear some feedback on. Here in AZ where a typical summer day is 105+ with all sun with very little cloud cover...