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  1. A

    Something is staining my pool, and I don't know what.

    Something has been staining my tile grout and cover a greenish color over the past few weeks (see photos), and I can't figure out what the issue is. I'm hoping someone here is more knowledgeable than me and may be able to help. My ~6K-gallon pool is technically still under construction in...
  2. M

    First Timers in Spring,TX: Proposal Phase

    Hello All, We are currently in the proposal phase of our first pool. We have gone to 4 builders and as soon as we get our next quote in we will be making a decision on who to move forward with. Any recommendations on things we should do during this initial stage before signing contracts is...
  3. B

    Diamond Brite color choice- HELP

    Hello all, I am brand new here and this is my first post. Our pool is under construction and going faster than I expected. PB wants me to finalize my color choice for the Diamond Brite plaster. I'm at a loss after endless hours on Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram as all the pics look like a...
  4. M

    Excavation cave-in

    After new build excavation but before rebar, we‘ve had heavy rain. The project manager covered the walls with tarps beforehand, but the wind and rain beat them up. One side of the pool’s length is 38 feet and curved, and on this curve will be a low wall with columns and fire bowls. The curved...
  5. Robertmsiegel

    New Build - Equipment Recommendations

    Working on selecting a contractor for a new pool build. Pool will be about 14.5K gallons in SE Florida with two 12" sheer decent waterfalls, no spa. Narrowed down the equipment (based off of this sites recommendations) for Pentair products, but a couple of the builders only use Jandy. Any help...
  6. S

    Is pool depth to top of coping?

    We just had a pool installed in Canada and specified a pool depth of 5’ then with a phone conversation determined that it’s approx 4.5’ of water which is exactly what we wanted. Pool was constructed and landscaping finished and we started worrying the pool looks deeper than we expected. Sure...
  7. N

    Seeking Guidance in Creating a Sufficient Pool Contract

    Hello everyone, Before I get to my question/request, I'll give y'all a little background information. I am one of three owners of a newly formed pool store in North Carolina (opened April of this year). Before opening the store, we gained experience in the pool industry as independent...
  8. C

    New Pool - Pitting?

    Hi - i have a brand new pool. 30 days old. Is this pitting or just part of the install/plaster? Should I be concerned about this?
  9. halleys5

    Building in-ground DIY

    Hi all, long time TFP user and learned all I need to know here about keeping my pools crystal clear. After 7 years of AG pool, we are building a DIY 20x36 vinyl starting now. I've seen a handful of posts here about people that have done this and lived to tell about it, but would appreciate any...
  10. pigskintd

    Should the Builder Plaster and Fill the Pool Without All of the Equipment Installed?

    I am losing all trust with our pool builder and I wanted to hear your opinion on two things that don't see right to me (but I don't build pools). The builder wants to plaster and fill the pool on Monday. No equipment is installed yet, I mentioned this and they said they could do a temporary...
  11. pigskintd

    First Fill - Fill Pool & Hot tub at the same time?

    We are scheduled for our pool to be finished in two weeks and I was curious about the initial fill. I have read on here that you should not fill the hot tub past the spill over and should fill to the middle of the tile line. The pool should be filled to the middle of the skimmer. I was wondering...
  12. K

    High Water Level Skimmers: Seen outside US

    Hello, I've been designing and planning our pool for quite a while and have learned a lot through tfp. We have a modern/minimalist aesthetic and have seen high water level skimmers used outside the US. I've googled forever and can't find a source in the US, any ideas? Thx!
  13. Sunbaby

    New Build in Middle of Nowhere Texas

    Hey y’all!! I spent so many hours here during my first build. I learned everything from this site. We moved and had to leave our pool 😭. We moved to the middle of nowhere (our hometown where we met in Kindergarten, but that’s a story for another time). Trying to get builders to come here is...
  14. N

    Pool Dug in the Wrong Spot!

    Well dig day was yesterday and we are about 1/2 done. The pool company mapped out the edges based on the plans, but they later admitted that the reference post / Datum post / king post, was in the incorrect location. This caused other measurements to be off resulting in the hole being 2 foot...
  15. C

    Is pool depth of 7 feet safe?

    I am in the process of building a pool and I wanted a nice big shallow end but also a deep end that was deep enough to dive in safely from deck (no diving board or jumping rock). I am doing a rectangular pool (16 x 40) with a 3.5 foot shallow end. My builder suggested 7 feet for deep end. Is...
  16. TFPNoobie

    Construction Delayed (Nationwide Resin Shortage?)

    In July 2020 I signed a contract to have my pool installed in Aug 2021. However, it is now Sep and my PB has said that because of the nationwide resin shortage, Latham is unable to deliver pools to meet their deadlines. He said he can install 1.5 pools a week but he's only getting 1-2 pools a...
  17. D

    Choosing the right SWG and a heat pump (for cooling!)

    Hello, Here is the pool - it is very small and irregular, but I estimate volume at around 10 cubic metres (2640 gallons). It turned green 10 minutes (OK - 3 days) after being filled. I have acquired but not yet fitted a pump and filter combo in a fiberglass box. The pump is 0.5hp, and claims a...
  18. A

    Subs Needed for New pool Build-Orlando, FL

    Does anyone have any sub contacts for a new pool build? Everything needed from start to finish. I have contacted some people but they are all too busy to take on new work even if its 6 months from now. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  19. joel98z

    New pool (first time) build in DFW (Current Phase: POOL COMPLETED!!)

    TimeLine Early June 2021 Started contacting pool builders and reviewing proposals July 17th 2021 - Signed Contract with PB2 (See quote below) Contract Signed! July 20th 2021 - Downloaded and learned to use Pool Studio September 23rd 2021 - County and City Permits approved November 22nd 2021 -...
  20. F

    Pool Under Construction SWG vs Chlorinated

    Hello TFP Community! First post here. My pool is under construction. Specs should be in signature. During the build I’ve been reading up on maintaining pools. Came upon the TFP method. Buy into the TFP logic, read the pool school book, and TF-100 kit will be ordered soon! Reason for my post is...
  21. C

    Ground work

    So we’ve recently decided putting an above ground pool would be a grand idea. So we purchased an 24’ round 54” high resin top and bottom pool. The dilemma is that installation was out until August. So we’ve decide to tackle this along with a group of people who’ve put up pools in the past. My...
  22. P

    Hydrostatic valve, Hydrostatic cap, vs well point with sump pump vs

    Hello community! Well point with sump pump vs Hydrostatic valve vs hydrostatic cap question/advice. I'm having a pool installed in southwest Florida. The PB put gravel underneath the entire bottom of the pool shell, put a 2" well point tube at the deep end that ran until the Gunite was shot...
  23. 1

    First time pool owner going owner builder route

    Hi everybody! We are in the pre-construction phase of owner building a new pool in the Gilbert/Mesa area of Arizona. I've read through a lot of content where people have done the same and I'm curious if there is anybody in the area going this route right now (or has recently...I'm thinking...
  24. DSNOOK

    Here we go! Weeks away from excavation, how are we doing?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Excited to have to so many experts here at TFP to help relax my mind, or have us course correct early. TFP has been the single best source of information for someone in my shoes. It's brought me from newbie to well informed, but I have so much more to...
  25. S

    Is this a problem?

    My pool builder is saying this isn't a problem just chasing up a 2nd opinion. I am concerned the rust means the bars are rusting and won't be any good structurally in a few years. Put my mind at ease please. Oh the water sitting in the pool is because I have a lot of ground water where I live.
  26. S

    25ft x 15ft New Pool and Spa - Contractor vs DIY (Phoenix, AZ)

    Hi All, Wife and I are looking to install a simple rectangular play pool with baja ledge and spa. We already have the design we'd like worked up in a SketchUp drawing (see attached). I've gotten one quote that's come in at $45,000 for the pool and spa + $5000 for the water feature. $30,000 for...
  27. N

    Is this reasonably priced? New pool in Vegas

    Hello there, I am new to this community and this is my first post! I am hoping to see what you guys think about a quote I received for my pool + spa project, I want to know if it’s fairly priced/ is there any room for negotiation. Please take a look and thank you guys in advance!! Pool...
  28. riny

    How to clean construction dirt from new pool

    Hi everyone! I'm a new pool owner as of about a week ago, a Fox Ultimate onground pool (10,800 gallons) with a Pentair CC75 cartridge filter. All of my chemicals are in balance but the water is filthy from digging in the yard to install the pool. The area around the pool is just loose dirt which...
  29. matthewsunshineflorida

    Florida Build - Final Critiques Welcome!!

    After looking at this nearly two years ago and recovering from sticker shock, we have decided to go all in with a pool here in Tampa and have been working through PBs for months to get a design and company we really like. Unless one of the couple companies left is going to really wow us, we...
  30. R

    Finishing up west of Austin *Plastered and Filled*

    Hi, I've been browsing for a while, and actually got started here learning how to keep our spa clear. We are just getting started evaluating a bid for this. I'll take all the advice I can get, but have a few specifics to follow up on below. I'll plan to post pictures as we progress through the...