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    First time pool owner going owner builder route

    Hi everybody! We are in the pre-construction phase of owner building a new pool in the Gilbert/Mesa area of Arizona. I've read through a lot of content where people have done the same and I'm curious if there is anybody in the area going this route right now (or has recently...I'm thinking...

    Here we go! Weeks away from excavation, how are we doing?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Excited to have to so many experts here at TFP to help relax my mind, or have us course correct early. TFP has been the single best source of information for someone in my shoes. It's brought me from newbie to well informed, but I have so much more to...
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    Is this a problem?

    My pool builder is saying this isn't a problem just chasing up a 2nd opinion. I am concerned the rust means the bars are rusting and won't be any good structurally in a few years. Put my mind at ease please. Oh the water sitting in the pool is because I have a lot of ground water where I live.
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    25ft x 15ft New Pool and Spa - Contractor vs DIY (Phoenix, AZ)

    Hi All, Wife and I are looking to install a simple rectangular play pool with baja ledge and spa. We already have the design we'd like worked up in a SketchUp drawing (see attached). I've gotten one quote that's come in at $45,000 for the pool and spa + $5000 for the water feature. $30,000 for...
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    Is this reasonably priced? New pool in Vegas

    Hello there, I am new to this community and this is my first post! I am hoping to see what you guys think about a quote I received for my pool + spa project, I want to know if it’s fairly priced/ is there any room for negotiation. Please take a look and thank you guys in advance!! Pool...
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    How to clean construction dirt from new pool

    Hi everyone! I'm a new pool owner as of about a week ago, a Fox Ultimate onground pool (10,800 gallons) with a Pentair CC75 cartridge filter. All of my chemicals are in balance but the water is filthy from digging in the yard to install the pool. The area around the pool is just loose dirt which...
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    Florida Build - Final Critiques Welcome!!

    After looking at this nearly two years ago and recovering from sticker shock, we have decided to go all in with a pool here in Tampa and have been working through PBs for months to get a design and company we really like. Unless one of the couple companies left is going to really wow us, we...
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    Finishing up west of Austin *Plastered and Filled*

    Hi, I've been browsing for a while, and actually got started here learning how to keep our spa clear. We are just getting started evaluating a bid for this. I'll take all the advice I can get, but have a few specifics to follow up on below. I'll plan to post pictures as we progress through the...
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    Pool builder is recommending SuperPump 1.5hp (not VSP)

    Hello this is my first post and I appreciate any feedback - I am 1 week into my pool journey (deposit is in with pool builder and the engineering plans are being drawn up) I will be having a heat pump and salt water generator installed with the new pool. The pool installer thinks the VSP is not...
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    Hartford County, CT - IG Vinyl Aug 2020 Construction

    Contract signed, construction dates penciled in, let the journey begin. Planned usage is recreational with immediate family with 2 kids under 10, and local extended family with another 3 kids under 10. General Specifications / Current Equipment List: IG Vinyl 27 mil Free form Mountain Pond 22...
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    Need help with pool construction / Pebbletec

    Hello, We are in the middle of having a new 16x28 concrete pool built. We have gone with Pebble Tec mini pebble - Tahoe Blue. We have been told that we can add in Portofino Glass into the Tahoe Blue mixture. We have not been able to find any pictures to show us what this would look like. Has...
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    Gunite pool - fixable or ???

    Hello All - hope you are safe with all the Covid-19 ongoings... if you have time, please read and share your thoughts... please help! I first joined the group last year as we were deciding on the type of pool, etc. Excavation and pool shell were completed last December. Contract: 20% down...