1. hyperion

    How Should I Position Pool?

    Hey everyone, I need some help on where best to position my pool in my backyard! Please see the attached image for what I’m working with so far with my builder. After initially planning my pool alongside my fence, we discovered an easement so now I have to change up all my plans. I’m mostly...
  2. 1

    First time pool owner going owner builder route

    Hi everybody! We are in the pre-construction phase of owner building a new pool in the Gilbert/Mesa area of Arizona. I've read through a lot of content where people have done the same and I'm curious if there is anybody in the area going this route right now (or has recently...I'm thinking...
  3. Lateralus

    Forum Newbie in DFW

    Been in and around pools my entire life, just got a new home and looking to install a new concrete pool for the family! About to begin wading into the tumultuous waters of PB bidding! (woot!) All of my past experience has been with traditionally chlorinated water, and cartridge filter systems...