First test results. Help with raising CYA


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Jun 27, 2020
Little Falls NY
Congratulations! What was the official time it took you to get it sparkling and clean? Love to see the pre and post numbers.
16 official days of SLAM


pH 7.2
Free chlorine 2
Combined chlorine 1
Total chlorine 3
Total alkalinity 120
Cya <20

PostSLAM (today I've only added LC since finishing to keep up the range)
Ph 7.5
Free Chlorine 6
Combined Chlorine 0
Total Chlorine 6
Total Alkalinity 100
CYA 30

All in all I used
10 gals of 12.5% chlorine (30$)
12 gals of 10% chlorine (30ish$)
4 lbs of stabilizer (15 bucks for 8 lbs)
Pool brush (20$?)
Pool vac head and hose ( 40$?)
2 sleeve nuts (60!!!!$ Dang pool store)
1 lower manifold (80$)
4 cartridges (120$)
1 Taylor 1005 test kit (65, but then sold for 30 when I found out I didn't need it)
And last but not least my most amazing never could a done it without it
TF 100 TEST KIT (80$ I think)

Barring the parts I had to replace and the pointless test kit a whopping 215ish$ to covert the swamp

For perspective the PoolStore Racket Bros. Charged me 575$ to start the pump (without ever opening up the main area where the cartridges are), put my jets in, a new skimmer basket and 20 gals of 12.5 chlorine and walked away (about 39mins of work) Oh and the put the ladder in but didn't wash it off first!

I may be a Noob, but I'll never be poolstored ™ again!



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Jul 8, 2015
It looks like the only thing you bought that was related to the SLAM itself was chlorine and your time. Everything else you would use for your pool anyway! woo hoo!


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Jun 27, 2020
Little Falls NY
Seriously someone needs to get this all into a script! The Wicked Pool Store Lady of the East tries to drop Floc on Dorothy and the gang to make them fall asleep. Algaecide guards man her castle. The trees throw hockey pucks!