low cya

  1. LooLooPoolNoob

    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    Got my TF 100 in today! Wooooo! Time to Slam out and fix this cloudy, neglected for 5 years, mess of a pool. Currently the pool is blue but cloudy. Found out today the bottom manifold of the Hayward is cracked. New one getting picked up tomorrow. New filters to be delivered today. Results as...
  2. FourReelFish

    Sweet spot in the CYA to Chlorine table?

    I am aware of how stabilizer works with your sanitizer, but I was wondering what you should actually keep it at. Higher CYA means higher Chlorine demand but less burning off, Lower CYA means lower Chlorine demand but more burnt off by the sun. We all know that. But in your opinion, what would...