help needed

  1. F

    Valve Actuator Install (w/ IntelliCenter)

    Hey! I am interested in putting a valve actuator on the valve for my water fountain so I can remotely turn it on and off. I have the IntelliCenter and it is connected to 2 pumps (main/Polaris), the Heater (through the Gas heater control), and an Intellichlor60. 1) Will I be able to plug an...
  2. C

    HELP! MAJOR rips in vinyl liner in February

    I guess we pushed the limits on liner life too much! Even though we’ve never had any rips, tears, or other liner issues before now, we noticed the water level dropping and pulled back the winter cover to see GIANT rips in the vinyl all over the deep end of the pool (20x40’ with 8’ deep end)...
  3. T

    Losing Water and I don't know where

    I just bought a house and it came with a Clearwater Spa. We didn't buy the house because of the spa, but it's quickly become my favorite new toy. I drained it, scrubbed it, filled it, leveled the chemicals then a week into owning it, the circ pump died and I had to have it replaced. Now after...
  4. S

    Is this a problem?

    My pool builder is saying this isn't a problem just chasing up a 2nd opinion. I am concerned the rust means the bars are rusting and won't be any good structurally in a few years. Put my mind at ease please. Oh the water sitting in the pool is because I have a lot of ground water where I live.
  5. C

    I can feel the pavers inside my pool

    Hi there , We have a 16x8x42 intex prism rectangle pool. I need some advice and tips . We have spent the better part of 2 months or so leveling our ground ... sand ... dug in pavers etc. we built the frame and measureD out the 1 foot all around for the u support so we could then place are...
  6. SCope345

    Leak in NEW Inground Build - HELP - can’t locate source

    The construction of our new inground build was complete Memorial Day weekend. We got a terrible rain the entire weekend which left our backyard wet for about a week. About a week later we noticed the ground around our pool and spa still wet. After voicing our concern to our builder a Leak...
  7. H

    Pool Equipment question

    Hello everyone, I hired a contractor to install a pool. He is just starting to install the equipment but reading over the manuals I am starting to worry that he might not know what he is doing. The pool is rectangle 20'x40' with a 8ft deep end This is the equipment that he is installing...
  8. LooLooPoolNoob

    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    Got my TF 100 in today! Wooooo! Time to Slam out and fix this cloudy, neglected for 5 years, mess of a pool. Currently the pool is blue but cloudy. Found out today the bottom manifold of the Hayward is cracked. New one getting picked up tomorrow. New filters to be delivered today. Results as...
  9. T

    Raypak RP2100 Error Code IGK

    Im getting an error code on Screen and cant find what it means. Any help on how to reset or fix is appreciated
  10. M

    Is it time to SLAM?

    Bought a house that came with a neglected above ground pool (no idea how long). We purchased a new sand filter, cleaned out debris, shocked and got it to cloudy blue over the course of about a week. It has now been cloudy for over a month & 1/2 and we can not get it clear. Since the original...
  11. J

    Guidance on regrout of stone coping

    New to TFP. Doing some research on a coping repair and ran across y'all. Have an inground gunite pool that we renovated about 16 years ago...located in Atlanta GA. While in the process of replacing my expansion joint, I discovered a loose coping stone along with a few areas where the...
  12. J

    Hayward OmniLogic panel alarm “temp sensor shorted water sensor”

    Have a new pool that was recently installed due to the COVID 19 restrictions in NY we can’t get a tech out to set up the panel fully. I tried my hand at it with help from the installer, everything seems to be working however every time I run the pump 20mins - 45 mins Later it shuts off and I get...
  13. Em0Abstracts

    New Owner - What to do Next!?

    Hi All, We recently moved to a new home in the Indianapolis, IN area that came with an approx. 20'x40' in-ground pool. We have been working since late April to get the pool open, clean and ready to swim, but still experiencing some issues that could use the expertise from the folks here. Let...
  14. S

    Sand for base of pool

    Hello, new here! I recently had my yard excavated for a 18 ft round summer wave wicker pool. Now that the ground is leveled, I wanted to know the average amount of sand that would be needed. I contacted my local landscaping company and purchased 4 tons of sand. Is that enough?
  15. S

    Newbie advice needed- VERY high CC

    Hello - I am new to pool care and I want to make sure the advice I was given is correct before adding 14 GALLONS of liquid Cl. Last night I followed the SLAM chart and added 3 gal of liquid. Today I took a sample to Leslies because i thought I was using my new Taylor K-2006 kit wrong when I got...
  16. L

    Skimmer hole was cut too big HELP!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here since I just discovered the site. My husband and I have been abg pool owners for about 4 years now. We just got a new pool from Royal Swimming Pools since our last one was damaged over the winter. WE got it mostly set it up this past weekend but the...
  17. L

    Working on opening salt pool - need some advice

    Hi folks! Just recently filled a Saltwater pool and am working on getting it leveled out. Got a TF-100 kit. We filled the pool on 5/18, added 100lbs of salt on 5/19, then after the salt dissolved after two days we put our pump on it’s “BOOST” mode and let it do its thing. Initial test showed...
  18. L

    Getting started with a SWG

    Hi everyone! I just set up an Intex 15' diameter, 4' tall pool and filled it with water. We added 100lbs of salt as per the pump's instruction manual (Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System) and have gotten it to dissolve. I have a couple of questions: 1) Should I add...
  19. C

    Help: Pentair Nautilus NFS DE buttress removal tool/instructions

    I've had a leak on the bottom of my Pentair/PacFab Purex Triton Nautilus FNS DE filter tank for a few seasons now and after replacing the locknut, lower pipe, gaskets/o-ring, and even silicone sealing around the locknut/lower pipe I'm left with trying to replace the buttress adapter (pentair...
  20. L

    Completely new- looking to revitalize abandoned pool

    Hi all! I am completely new to this forum and new to any type of pool care. Hoping this is a judgement free zone.... I recently have been quarantining with my family, and it looks like they have completely let the pool go in recent years.. I want to be able to help them enjoy their pool...