Filling up pool for the 1st time


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You have a vinyl liner pool. CSI (and low CH) do not matter. Turn off the CSI tracking in Poolmath.
? this article (attached pic) from TFP mentioned that to keep the CSI at 0 to -0.30 to prevent scale build up at cell plates. So you mean there is nothing to be concerned of even my current CSI is -1.21? (Refer attached pic)

Given that I have already purchased the Calcium Chloride Flake and there is no way I can return it, adding in the calcium chloride do no harm at all, at the same time, provide no benefit at all?



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May 3, 2014
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With a vinyl liner, CSI on the low side is of no consequence. With yours at -1.2, your SWCG is fine too.

You can add some calcium if you like. Be prepared for it to cloud your water for a day or two when you add it.


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@mknauss now I understand! CSI < -0.6 will cause corrosion to plaster, tiles, etc, while CSI > 0.6 will cause scaling to the SWG plates. Since my CSI is -1.21 and I am having a vinyl pool, there is no issue for me. ??? thanks a lot! Now I need to get rid of my 25kg calcium chloride flakes ?
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