Fiberglass Pool Install


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Dec 7, 2019
@jimmythegreek All I can do is show the engineer pictures of the install, as I documented it along the way (including on this forum). The PB has already acknowledged the incorrect placement, requiring movement of the pool. As I posted earlier, dragging the pool on the prepared base was a "death sentence." The additional sloppiness of back filling with a dirt/soil mix (and the poor compaction under the pool-length bench) only added to the instability of the install. I'm not sure how the engineer assesses the work, but I guess they have their ways.

I'm not a fan of that "safe bet" solution. The pool may crack lengthwise along the bottom where it was pulled off the base. And if it doesn't, there wouldn't be a day that we don't sit there wondering about it. It also may settle even more, making any jury-built and jerry-rigged mortar-and-tile "fake it" band-aid fix not a palatable solution either.

FYI - the PB wants to fully drain the pool to attempt this.
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Aug 10, 2017
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I follow your thinking but think outside the box. He drains the pool. He jacks it. Where does the plumbing move to? What fills the 1" void under the pool that tapers into no space across the 12' short side span? Only proper way is to pull and re set it. Having one small area without base isnt enough to sink the pool theres 80% of good base still holding the shell. If just that area failed the bottom would bend and crack the finish from dropping. It's a horrible situation any which way. If he mud jacks it hes still pulling up on the shell from the collar I wouldnt have the guts to ever try that move. I'd eat 3 days work and just dig it up and re set it. It's not that big of a deal. Cracking the shell is eating a shell ut of pocket plus the 3 days. I'm basing his skills on what hes done so far and its shotty work to say the least
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