Does anyone have a suggestion how to get rid of a stain from the bioguard smart silk stick ... looks like it left a white stain on my vinyl liner ?


Apr 30, 2020
New jersey
If they sat on the floor of the pool they bleached the liner out, apparently. :(

How do you use these things? Why? Do they also contain copper??

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Hi they are suppose to sit in the skimmer but got out ! when its very sunny out u can’t seen the stain too bad ... ugg ...
these are used bc the salt water pool functions properly at 65 degrees of water and above these sticks water help out to keep pool water clean ... but im never using them again since it bleached my 4 year old vinyl : (


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May 11, 2018
Delta, PA
I was curious so I looked this product up. This was listed on the pool geek website.
Trichloro-s-triazinetrione: 91.57%, Copper Sulfate pentahydrate (metallic copper equivalent 0.25%): 0.99%, Other Ingredients: 7.44%
Available Chlorine: 84.%
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Jan 17, 2012
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Dang!! Not only did they bleach that liner but they also added copper to the water (which also can make stains)?? NOT a product we'd ever recommend using for sure!!

Fgangemi, I think you should consider liquid chlorine in the cold water instead. No downsides to it.

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