Do not understand valves or pool set up


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Dec 29, 2021
Hi, I am at a loss about my inground pool equipment and need help! The pool guy was here today and I'm more confused than ever. To have my pool run normally with the skimmer, how should the valves be pointing? There are 2 and both have an "off" notatin. Also, does the timer seem to be set properly? One more thing, the heater has a message "water PS open"??? It's a Pentair system for the pump/cleaner and Raypak for the heater. Thank you so very much!!!!!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Your pump has three inputs.. Most likely, Skimmer, Main Drain and Cleaner.

There is no way anyone here can tell for sure which pipe goes which input.

I "suspect" that the valve closest to the pump selects between your cleaner (pipe going to the left) and the pipe coming from the other valve, which I assume is for your Skimmer and Main drain, which is shut off.

In the pic, the valve closest to the pump is the only one that is open.

Do you have a suction side cleaner in the pool? If so, and it is working, then that proves that the valve closest to the pump is for the cleaner. If you turn that valve so that the handle points to the left and the off-indicator points to the right, then all three inputs to the pump will be open.

Then you can shut each valve off, one at a time and determine which valve controls the suction at the skimmer.


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Welcome to TFP.

Water PS Open means the pressure switch that senses water flow through the heater in the heater is open.

Either you have a valve set wrong and water is not flowing through the heater or the pressure switch has failed.

Show us pics of your entire equipment pad.
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