Do I add chlorine and stabilizer at the same time?


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Jun 12, 2016
Trumann, AR
Hey everyone,

I am opening my 14'x42" 3,512gal pool and I was wanting to know if I should wait to add the liquid bleach (plain, generic brand, 6%) after 24 hours of adding stabilizer or add them together. I bought the Clorox Chlorine Stabilizer powder.

I still have a bit of dirt and sludge that I'm trying to vacuum out, but once I get most of it removed I plan on adding the recommended amount of stabilizer and chlorine based off of Pool Math. I don't have a very good test kit and I can't get one of the recommended ones for a few weeks, so it may be rough going for a bit. I have a liquid HTH out from Walmart for the time being. I drained all but about .5" of water from the pool, so I'm almost starting over.
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Aug 2, 2017
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No worries, there are budget pool owners here too 😊
Yes you can add them at the same time, just aim for a lower FC (2-4ppm) until the CYA shows up, about 24hrs
Always dose less then the full amount, to make sure you don't overshoot.

The biggest difference from the full TFT kit and the HTH, is bigger reagants and FAS-DPD test.
Otherwise, they use the same testing chemicals.

::ETA:: Do you have the CYA test? Also the 4lb stabilizer should last you for several seasons, unless you drain & refill constantly. We have the same one for 3yrs, just finishing it this year. We do not drain our AGP vinyl.
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