Complete Novice -- Just purchased Saltwater 8000


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Feb 23, 2021
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Hello Everyone!

Our family just purchased our very first AGP -- a Saltwater 8000 from The Pool Factory. We also bought the upgraded Uni-Bead Beach Haven Liner - 40 Gauge. We wanted to make sure we have everything ordered before the weather changes and there is another rush on pools.

I noticed that some items seemed a little cheaper on other sites. So far, I've also purchased the Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder on Amazon.

Next, I will be looking at pumps and a saltwater chlorine generator.

I've been reading a lot of the posts on this forum. So much great information. Some of what I've read seems to say that a larger pump can be a better investment? Will an 18" Hayward Sand pump 1.5hp be adequate? or, should I look at something larger?

I've noted that many people place their pump on a compressor pad. What size do people usually go with? Will a 30" x 30" be large enough?

Saltwater chlorine generators seem to get very mixed reviews. Instead of recommending a brand, are there any features that I should be looking for?

Anything else I should be looking to buy before the summer comes? What accessories can you simply not do without?

Any words of wisdom for a first time pool owner?

Thank you for any and all advice. We are so excited about having our own pool!


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Jun 1, 2018
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Congrats on your new pool!
A 1.5 hp pump is plenty big. I have a 33ft w/ a single speed 1.5 & no issues.
I had no choice for my pump but since u do you may consider a 2 speed pump- low for normal operation & then high for vacuuming. The lower speed is a little easier on the electric bill.
For the filter get the biggest one u can afford- this means u won’t have to backwash as often.
All my equipment is just on pavers - but a compressor pad seems like it would be nice 👍🏻 The nice thing about above ground pools is that you can move the equipment around to suit your needs if u don’t like it’s original placement.
As far as swg’s go alot of members here are very happy w/ their circupool units - they are one of the few that diy doesn’t affect the warranty.
You will want one rated @ 1.5 - 2x’s your pool volume. So for your pool volume of 13,500 gallons you would want one rated for 20-30k gals or more. The upsizing doesn’t cost that much more & you won’t need to run it as much which should make it last longer.
As Swg cells only put out a finite amount of chlorine in their lifetime. Basically you’re buying all your chlorine up front.
here’s a good comparison chart
When ordering things don’t forget your most important piece of equipment!
A good test kit !
Test Kits Compared
- the TF-100 from is the best value as it uses Taylor regeants & gives u more of them for the most used tests.
Lastly, Read up in pool school to get a better understanding of the chemistry & methods
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
Feel free to ask anymore questions on your journey 😁
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