cement wall vs steel wall construction


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Apr 5, 2014
Hello, I am looking for professional advice on if cement wall construction is worth the extra cost for a vinyl liner pool install in the northeast or if it is overkill. Thanks in advance!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Concrete walls with a vinyl cover (by a professional) is quite unusual (but doable). Is this DIY or are you gonna' have a PB?

Difference in costs would be minimal, I think. Do you have quotes?


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Jul 11, 2012
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My pool is going to be concrete wall with vinyl liner. Where I live, that is what most of the pool companies do. I have seen pictures of the steel walls during a liner change and I would not want my pool to have steel walls. At least not in the high water table area I live in. The pool builder I am using either uses the Polymer walls or Concrete walls on the vinyl pools.


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Apr 5, 2014
The pool builder is Seasonal World in NJ and the cost difference between cement and steel wall is approx $3,000 but includes cement steps with vinyl over instead of steel so the steps are bigger. We will probably spend the extra $ for this! Thank you for the replies!


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Nov 8, 2011
Out of curiosity have you looked into a polymer wall? I have one customer with vinyl over concrete and not impressed with the fit of the liner and concrete. With Ft Wayne polymer you cant get steps covered with vinyl and can customize the step to what you want. That goes for anyLatham polymer kit. I agree with rusty that steel isn't a strong choice. My biggest thinking is we have been doing polymer for around 30 years and it doesn't rot or rust. Have yet to see a panel crack aftr installation. Here in Missouri concrete guys put that in the guarantee that it will crack.


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Apr 27, 2013
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There was no premium in my area for concrete so that is what we have. From what I've seen Vinyl covered stairs often don't fit right no matter if the structure underneath is concrete, steel or polymer. Also I don't like how slippery vinyl stairs are. For that reason we went with molded stairs (some may not like that look).

Liner fit around the rest of our concrete walled pool is flawless, but concrete is what our pool builder does primarily.
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