Can wind raise pH?


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Jun 10, 2018
Kihei HI
Reporting on my mission to control my pH from always rising to around 8.2+ even with the addition of "a lot" of weekly Muriatic Acid.
Day 5 - Using Pool Math Calculator and measuring cup to get definitive reproducible results. I was recommended to lower my TA to help slow the increase in pH. Also to increase my CYA from 30 to 50 to help decrease the amount of bleach I have to use in sunny Hawaii...

My FC drops daily to about 4/5ppm, and I raise to 7ppm with appropriate amount of 6% bleach for past 4 days.
I added dichlor yesterday and today instead of bleach to help get my CYA up. I havent tested CYA yet since adding today's dichlor.
I have added MA daily to drop my pH to 70 until my TA drop to 50-60.

My results are on my profile ( I hope..!) I have tried linking it using the pool math app....

It seems I can see a daily loss of 2-3ppm of FC.
I also see my TA dropping slowly.
My pH is more predictable since I have been using a measuring cup and following the recommendations.
I plan to do this for another week or so, on a daily basis, to get more info on my pool chemistry...thanks so much to all!!
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May 3, 2014
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Jun 10, 2018
Kihei HI
I am not sure anyone will see this post today, but maybe Mknauss? I have been testing daily my pH and FC. I have been very precise in using poolmath calculator and measuring chemicals and have gotten much better expected test results.

I just added my full results today on my log, and you can see that over time my TA has dropped from 100 to 60.
This should help stabilize the pH, although, it keeps rising, but more slowly, so I think I am good there. Correct?
My CYA is still in the 30-40 range, I added some dichor a couple times, but I think I still need to raise CYA to 50 because I am in HI, to help with the amount of FC daily loss. Correct?
So my questions are now, I have been adding MA to lower my pH to about 7.0 every couple days to lower TA (which it has). Am I now in a range where I should try and keep pH at 7.8? Is that acceptable?
Also, I noticed today my CH is up to 425, and it has been very stable in the past at 350...what happens to pool chemistry with higher CH?