Aqua Plus Display Keypad not keeping accurate time


New member
May 18, 2019
Purchased in 2011. Using with my Hayward filter. I noticed that the time, after I reset with the proper day and the actual time, it does not keep the time moving forward. For example, the next day, it can be off by 12 hours or more. In doing my research, most are saying I have a bad board and need to replace the board. Everything else on the display seems to be working in good order.

So, do I really need to replace the entire board when it only seems to be the time being affected? If so, which board ? Is it just the board that is connected to the display or the boards behind the panel? These are all expensive.

Is there not an easy, cheap fix?

Again, everything else seems to be working and reading accurate info. It is just the time that is NOT. I appreciate any insight. I am handy to a point and a novice pool person. In fact, I opened the pool the very first time by myself this year, since I purchased the pool in 2011. Thanks in advance, Brian