Annual Complete Refill set for TF-100 on sale through March 1-21, 2021


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Oct 2, 2013
Creedmoor, NC
I was looking at ordering this yesterday, along with a few other items that brought the total above $100, which I thought would trigger free shipping within the US. However, it still quoted me $12 for shipping.
I replied to the email about the offer I got, but so far no response, so I thought I'd ask here if someone else had seen the same ?
@jesper Hmmm, must have had a glitch or something. I will refund you for shipping. sorry about that. I have sent you a PM on her and since I try not to clog up this awesoem forum with my business stuff, always feel free to email me at [email protected] and I check that fairly often. thanks and be well!
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