Acid Wash


Mar 26, 2020
Oklahoma City
Good morning!

I have a salt water plaster pool that I have owned for about 10 years. The black algae at the end of last season seems to be getting worse in the pool. My pool has never been acid washed so I am looking to complete the following before this pool season.

1. Completely drain pool - Acid wash the plaster surface
2. Change out my PCC105 Pleatco filters
3. refill the pool with city tap water.
4. Preventative measures to keep black algae from coming back

Just looking for any pointers on acid washing as I will be doing this myself.

Thanks for any help on lessons learned.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Jake, what have you done to combat the algae? Are you testing your water at home with a recommended test kit? (one with a FAS-DPD tester for high levels of free and combined chlorine)?

Test Kits Compared

Can you fill out a signature line with details of your pool, its equipment, how you chlorinate and test? This helps us avoid repeated questions as we try to help you. You can find the signature link under your screen name up at the top right.... thanks in advance :)

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