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Thread: What is the best quality pool equipment?

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    What is the best quality pool equipment?

    Any advise on which pool equipment would be the most reliable and most energy efficient? Every pool guy says something else.
    Bill Marshall
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    That's a pretty broad question. There's lot's of folks here who have really valuable opinions on specific pieces of equipment. Narrow your question a little more and you'll surely get some responses.
    Dave S.
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    Jandy equipment or Pentair Equipment? Which is Best?

    Any recommendations?
    Bill Marshall
    18x36 IG Vinyl SWG

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    As Dave mentioned earlier, that is a very broad question. Food for thought.. Many Pool Builders are given special incentives, better customer service (repair, replacement parts, etc.) if they carry a specific manufacturers brand. Some of those that come to mind... Pentair, Jandy, Hayward are just a few.

    If you are a DIY'er and plan to build your own pool, then you will need to do your due dilligence in coming up with a setup that you feel is the best bang for your buck. That may include using a specific piece from each manufacturer or you may choose one manufacturer for your entire setup.

    My PB's main line is Jandy and Hayward products. Obviuosly those are the main components in my current setup. Are they efficient. Based on discussions I have had with other pool owners about electricity usage/ turn-over rate on pool, yes my equipment is efficient. I have had no problems with any of my equipment to date (Pool= 1 year old this month).

    Again, as mentioned earlier, this is a broad question and I think loads of people can chime in and tell you that the equipment they have is part of the package that their pool builder suggested. I wish you luck in determining your setup.

    21K Inground Custom w/ Spa (Gunite/Plaster), SWCG, Hayward Northstar, Polaris 280, Hayward Color Logics, Jandy PS-8

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    well i didn'y build but my equipment is old (older than i thought, i found blue prints dated to 1987 in the house), anyway, yes all my equipment is from 1987, except the liner (but you dont care about that) they left me with an undersized filter, a pump that adds 60 a month to my electric bill and bad bonding. ok so your looking for your answer, as you can see i was committed to find the moste efficent and best stuff out there, the pump i found doing mounds of research is the Intelliflo, and a 100 sq de filter rated to 120GPM if ever needed.

    intelliflo pump is very energy efficent, check locally but i get a little tax deduction for owning efficent pool producs when this is all installed.

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