1. poollizard

    Backwash Valve Replacement

    My slider backwash valve is stuck. So stuck that I can't even turn the handle. So, I am planning on replacing it with a "Pentair 261152 Multiport Valve Kit 2in. Threaded" valve. First, I want to know if this is the right valve for my DE filter: 261152 Pentair Multiport Valve Threaded.jpg -...
  2. M

    SLAM valve settings

    Hi all, I haven't seen much other pool equipment, but I'd guess mine is typical in that you can direct water coming to the filter/pump through either the main drains or skimmer (to various degrees), and water returning to the pool can run out the wall jets or to the positive pressure vacuum...
  3. 0406C420-F6C2-47C2-B049-30D9D5CDB1F1.jpeg


    Pentair valve
  4. B

    Plumbing and valves

    Hello! I am new here and new to pools. I have installed a pool and am ready for finishing the pool plumbing and valves. I have (3) returns tee'd together underground with (1) 2" stub up I have (4) deck jets all piped in 1-1/2" pipe with a loop system underground with (1) 1-1/2" I have (2)...