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May 19, 2017
New York
Hello Everyone,

I need some assistance with my pool plumbing. The original installer of this pool placed the filter way too close to the fence, it's literally up against it and it's very difficult for me to do any maintenance. I want to remove and reposition my Jandy valve so that it faces the opposite direction. This would place the pool pump and filter away from the fence. My question is about how I should do this – the return lines appear to be cemented to the Jandy valve, so I believe I’ll need to use a hacksaw to cut the return lines and then add some new pipe and a new Jandy valve . Is this the correct approach ? or is there other methods for removing this valve? Unfortunately, if I do cut the return lines to remove the valve, I will not have a lot of pipe to play with.

I’m attaching a few pictures to illustrate my situation. I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts on better methods to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance !


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You're right. There isn't much room to play with. Not sure you can salvage that valve as installed. You may end-up cutting your losses (no pun intended) and getting a new Jandy Never-Lube 3-way valve and just re-doing it that way. It would give you the opportunity to install union fittings if you would like to allow for easier removal in the future.


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Aug 10, 2017
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That looks like poly pipe. You cant save that valve. You get the same pieces you have now and then you need female adapters where it meets ground and use threaded by barbed fitting to the poly with double hose clamps 180 from eachother to clamp the poly to the PVC fitting. The rest is glue like what you got there. I wouldnt bother with unions on this one you have clamps instead
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