Pool Liner and Ice


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Jul 3, 2019
Replaced pool liner for 40'x20' inground Lazy-L back in 2015. Last Oct I lowered the water to about 10" below the returns instead of the normal 2"-3". Everything fine up until 25-Dec when i looked out and saw that the water had dropped sharply - down to maybe 2" of water on the shallow end. The night before it was cold enough for ice to form - as you can see in the photo there's still ice. I suspect the liner was pierced by ice but what I don't get is why wouldn't the damage be at the level where ice would have initially formed - at 10" below the returns. Why would the water have dropped that low?



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Jul 3, 2013
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it may not have been ice.. the hole is at or just above the water line now.. something may have droprd in the pool or somehow a rip or something did it..
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