Large Wrinkles And Shifting In Brand New Liner After Reopening


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May 24, 2021
Hi all,

Just had our pool liner replaced last summer in August.

When the liner was filling up with water & vacuums on, I noticed the bottom edges of the shallow end had "air" underneath, It seemed like it was improperly positioned or measured wrong(refer to pics attached). I was told the weight of the water overtime will stretch the liner and they will fill in the gaps. After a few weeks being full, it got a little better but never fully settled or stretched into the corners.

Fast forward 8 months, we reopened the pool to find large wrinkles and liner shifting. Some are 1" tall and atleast 10 ft long. The pool levels were watched all winter and I have no idea how water could have gotten underneath to shift the liner this much. I've had this pool since 2002 and never had a problem like this with any previous liners.

Reached out to the pool installer and he recommends lowering the water and using a plunger to try and remedy the problem. If they were to reinstall the liner it would cost $1280. If somehow we are able to get all of the wrinkles out with a plunger, what's to say this won't happen again? Could the liner shift have happened due to installer error or improper measurements? What could have caused water to get underneath? If so, is it fair that we're stuck with the bill to fix it?

In this pictures attached, you can see while filling, the liner is more snug into place on the right side than the left. Shouldn't the white seam should be aligned snug up against the bottom of the pool wall?

We are on the bottom of a hill but the water table isn't high enough to reach the shallow end.

Looking for some input on this before I respond back.



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May 24, 2021
it's possible we had more rain this winter than usual and the water level displaced the liner. Just never had a problem with wrinkles this bad with the previous liners. Does anyone here think a plunger can work out those wrinkles (they reach the middle of the pool) or should I get the pool company to come and reinstall the liner


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Aug 10, 2017
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We had alot of snow this year and id bet that groundwater floated that liner. They should have stretched the liner better it looks a little tight on bottom in the pics but hard to say. Only way to fix is to drain amd reset the liner on vacuums and then refill. It will likely sit better this time as it's been stretched already
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