1. J

    Spa draining into pool

    All, I seem to be having a fairly common issue of the above pool spa draining into the pool when the pump is off. Water does not go below the return jets. I’ve checked the check valve on the spa return and it looks fine. Spring still works, O-rings intact. I moved both return and drain on the...
  2. SCope345

    Leak in NEW Inground Build - HELP - can’t locate source

    The construction of our new inground build was complete Memorial Day weekend. We got a terrible rain the entire weekend which left our backyard wet for about a week. About a week later we noticed the ground around our pool and spa still wet. After voicing our concern to our builder a Leak...
  3. A

    Temporary return line above ground

    Hi! We open my in gorund pool this summer to find the plugs out of the jet and at the bottom of the pool...ugh. When the pump is not running we do not lose any water! When we turn the pump on after about 15 minutes we start seeing water bubbling out of a drainage grate on my pool patio a way...
  4. C

    Inground wall rust and holes

    I bought a house with an older inground grecian style pool. We have had no major problems up until 2 years ago when a crack formed in a wall behind the liner. It jutted out but didn't break the liner. The next year it was a little worse and a corner felt soft. The liner was still holding and we...
  5. B

    IG pool buddy seat

    Hello all, We bought a house several years ago with what I assume is a buddy seat but I'm not sure of the correct name for it honestly. When I had the person over that had been servicing the pool he told me the buddy seat doesn't work. I had no idea what he meant by that. It has two return jets...
  6. S

    Large liner Rip

    I just pulled back my winter over to find this huge liner rip in the side of the pool. Is this liner salvageable? Can I fix this or does it need to be replaced? Thanks.
  7. northernpoolguy

    Equipment Replacement Advice

    Hi There, Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am looking to replace my pool equipment starting with my Sand Filter and my Hayward Super Pump (SP2607X10A). I have a very small kidney sized in ground pool 4000 USG (8 feet by 16 feet) that has 2 jets in the stairs (spa area) and 2 main jets. My pump...
  8. T

    In-ground Spa Air Venturi In-take

    Hello All, I am the 2nd owner of an in-ground pool/spa installed about 6 years ago. I wasn’t given too much information on the pool/spa from the previous owners. The pool is roughly 10,000 gallons and the spa is another 1,000 gallons. The main pump for the in-floor cleaning system also runs...
  9. D

    Pool/Spa combo plumbing (new construction)

    Hi everyone! Just recently found this sight and can't say enough about all the great info I have found! I am in the beginning phases of my inground pool/spa build (owner builder). First time doing this so I'm just learning as I go, that being said excuse my ignorance!? I am planning on doing my...
  10. E

    Bids on Semi-Inground vs. Inground... Where are the savings coming from???

    Hi all! I am going to be getting a pool installed in the spring. We're still in the planning phases and going over all of the options... We live at the bottom of a hill, so to do an inground pool right, we would have to do a retaining wall. We are located in Pennsylvania, and the first quote we...
  11. M

    My Ongoing War with Brown Water & Iron

    This is our third summer with an inground 20k gallon pool. The first two years we didn't have this problem but this year we had to put a ton of well water into the pool (like half the pool water) since then, we have a constant cycle: shock pool, it's brown, flock it to get rid of the brown...
  12. P

    Buying house with "junk" pool?

    Hello - new to the forum! If this is the wrong place to post please feel free to advise/move. We have an accepted offer on a home we love. It was built in 1936 and has an in ground concrete pool. We have received MINIMAL information on this pool. We know it has not been opened in three years...