Leak in NEW Inground Build - HELP - can’t locate source


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Apr 15, 2020
Waco, Texas
The construction of our new inground build was complete Memorial Day weekend. We got a terrible rain the entire weekend which left our backyard wet for about a week. About a week later we noticed the ground around our pool and spa still wet. After voicing our concern to our builder a Leak Detection company was able to come out and check things out. After every test possible and hours of diving nothing was located. Tile and Coping came out a few days later....the skimmers were resealed and the spillway for the spa was redone. We did notice a small difference in the wet areas near the spa... but we are still leaking water. We have done several more tests only to be rained out by random Texas monsoons 😝. We live in the middle of a pasture on a hill... no trees and tons of wind... with this Texas heat we should expect to see wet ground. **Note - during construction we had Stable Soil injections done to assist with the dirt. Leak detection came back out and still no answer. We have been conducting bucket tests for the last week, taking measurements daily. We are worried about the integrity of the pool and it’s structure being compromised because the issue has been going on for 2 months now.... but also, we just want to be able to swim in our new pool in this Texas summer heat!
Any suggestions, thoughts, concerns, ideas on a random quirk we could be missing?
Someone please help this mama of 3 who has been sheltering in place since March to get some much needed relief and enjoy her pool float with a frozen margarita 😫😫😫!
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Well, you got one thing right. It's HOT! I drove through your area on my way back from Dallas last week and was just glad construction slowed down, but it was hot. :) As for the leak, maybe. Sounds like a lot of folks have been checking with no results. Do you know how they checked for the leak? Was it by imaging, scope, or pressure test? I will say that between the direct heat of the sun, crazy-hot ambient temperatures overnight (muggy), and the wind (horrible) that will steal a LOT of water. I've had to add quite a bit lately to the point I was getting worried. I'm out in the country as well, So never underestimate the effect of the wind on our water level.

That said, the wet spots in the pics are interesting, but they don't appear to be from the same location. In each pic, is there plumbing nearby? Either a return jet, skimmer, or something that might be a target for water loss near each wet spot? No other plumbing in those areas like a sprinkler system or something?



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Jul 7, 2014
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What did the bucket tests show???

We need to see some much bigger pics with some idea where things are.. Where are your skimmer(s)? Where does the main drain plumbing come up from the floor of the pool. Where are the lights?

Do you have an overflow drain and if so where is it?

Where is the equipment pad compared to the pool?

Do you have any construction pics?


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