1. L

    Help needed to identify parts to solve pump leak

    Hello everyone, Our pool pump is leaking in a major way. Can anyone help identify the parts we should order to repair? The leak is clearly at the junction between the wet and dry part of the pump (see attached photos). First photo is from below the pump, wet side is to the right of the photo...
  2. L

    Trying to clean filter first time, can't get it going again!

    My hubs left for a couple weeks - far away fishing, of all the nerve, and out of contact. Before he left, I cleaned (hosed down with the hose sprayer) the filter cartridge to get the hang of it under his tutelage, and today I've done it by myself. It's a Hayward C48D43A04 pump. I got...
  3. mpride

    Hayward Aqua-Plus GLX-CELL-5 Not Creating Chlorine

    Recently my SWCG stopped producing chlorine. It’s less than a year old so I thought maybe it was dirty so I cleaned it although it looked very clean. I put it back in the system and it still didn't work. I then decided to clean it with an mild acid wash. Still no change. At that point I...
  4. R

    Hayward H150 pilot won't stay lit

    Hayward H150 millivolt Pilot lights with a nice blue flame and puts out a decent voltage but won't stay lit when you release the button. I removed the wires on the valve for the safety and jumped the two terminals to bypass that system and I still have the issue. I removed the wires for the...
  5. R

    Possible impeller problem

    My Hayward Super Pump (1 1/2 HP) began making a loud rattling noise very similar to cavitation (sounds like rocks in the impeller). It seemed to get worse and worse until finally I just couldn't run the pump because it was so loud. The water flow (circulation) was fine and I couldn't notice a...
  6. F

    Hayward Pro Logic Salt and Automation Help

    I'm trying to determine if i need to purchase a new main board GLX-PCB-PRO for my Hayward Pro Logic Automation system. All functions seem to operate correctly except I have a constant no flow message and an inability to do any of the salt functions. I’ve replaced the flow switch but that did...
  7. J

    Hayward DE Perflex Tube Filter, can I upgrade to different filter?

    So I bought a house with this pool in December and I have been maintaining it ok I think. I have had a couple algae blooms pop up on me if I got busy and forgot to check the pool for a couple days. The filter I have is a Hayward perflex with like 80 individual tubes with filters over each tube...
  8. M

    hayward super pump c48k2n143b1 dead after brown out

    We had a brown out on Wednesday and the pump hasn’t turned on since. I replaced the 20 amp breaker in the outdoor box because the current one wasn’t tripping to neutral/tripped when I would hit the test button, but seems to have still been cutting power... might be the issue. No luck. New...
  9. G

    Advice Needed - Hayward Heater Pump on Same Timer

    Can anyone provide some advice for me. I was wondering if I would be able to connect my new Hayward HP21254T heater to the same timer (Intermatic T104P3) as my pool pump (USQ1152 - 115/230 volt 1.5 hp). Currently, the pump is the only thing attached to the timer. The timer is connected to a 60...
  10. C

    Decreasing flow rate

    I just opened my pool a few days ago and noticed that the water flow rate decreases significantly 2-3 hours after I started the pump. (Hayward S244T sand filter installed in 2012) - Running a backflow and rinse will result in normal water flow for another 2-3 hours. - Because the sand has been...
  11. T

    Hayward 200 Sand Filter

    I have a new dome gasket coming for my Hayward 200S. The filter is leaking after a sand replacement and reusing the old gasket. I've already removed the dome twice trying to fix leak with old gasket. My question is, has anyone supplemented the gasket before with a bead of silicone (think...
  12. D

    Hayward AquaRite AQR and EcoStar VSP

    I just learned that my AquaRite AQR needs to be powered on only when the pump is running. Both my AQR and EcoStar are 220/240 volt. Does the EcoStar have any output relays built in that I can use to cycle the power to my AQR when the pump is not running? Thanks!
  13. M

    Pool pump making loud noise after winter.

    Hi there, I've just started up my pool after opening after the winter, and the pump (Hayward Super II) is making a very loud noise while running. Is my pump finished or is this something I can address myself? I've attached a video of the noise. t2_RUkOdL1I Thanks, Mark
  14. T

    Help needed to plumb Intex pool

    On the close up picture of the return. How did you hookup the pvc pipe to hayward fitting? Looks like the person applied some foam or silicone. Love the setup and trying to duplicate.
  15. M

    High Pressure on Hayward S244T Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with a pool, dont really know anything about this. The water is green, when the filter is off, it is at 40PSI, when on it goes up to 50-60 PSI, seems really high. I tryed to backwash but it still stays the same.
  16. A

    Main Board Replacement

    Greetings Everyone, Our pool maintenance company came to diagnose why our control panel was completely off. They diagnosed a faulty circuit board and quoted me around $1,600 to replace it. Well, I found it for under $500 (Hayward GLX-PCB-BRO) and wondering if I can replace it myself. They...
  17. N

    NJ Owner Builder, Plumbing Design, Help Please

    Hello All, Joined this forum after my dad made the recommendation. He's been on here for years and always speaks so highly of it. Naturally, when I came to him with my plan to build a pool, this was the first place he said I should go. I've been coming here for information for the past...