1. P

    New build - spa losing water

    We have just had our pool start up and we noticed that when the system (pump and filter) is on, water was weeping out of the raised spa through one of the small pipes on the side. The company speculated that the jet was clogged, so they sent a technician yesterday to remove and replace all of...
  2. K

    New pool owner, super high CYA... what to do during off season?

    Hello, Been a lurker for a month! I live in Arizona, and recently bought a house with a pool. The water in the pool seemed ok, but consistently tested high in chlorine and just below "ideal" in pH... after reading here I assumed the CYA was high. After having it tested at a local pool place...
  3. A

    Need to drain pool, uncertain about plumbing setup

    I recently rented a home with a pool, and I’m responsible for maintaining it. When I got here the pool was crystal clear, but I had no concept of how to care for it. The landlord said he would have his handyman come teach me how to take care of it. I didn’t know the pool should be checked and...
  4. Algae Hater

    To drain or not to drain???

    I have been having difficulty maintaining a proper chlorine level in my pool this whole summer (has actually been an ongoing issue since 2017 but much worse this year even though I purchased a new pump and filter system last summer, and this pool has been partially drained twice since 2017...
  5. rodaniel

    Hayward Main Drain Grate Replacement

    The drain cover/grate on my in-ground pool crumbled apart and I'm struggling with finding a replacement. The markings are fairly clear and reads "SP1048-C." The grate measures 6'5" and has 2 screw holes. It sits flush with the bottom of the pool. Since everything else was originally Hayward, it...
  6. C

    Getting water off pool cover

    My pool cover is full of water. Placed the hose on cover to drain the water off and rather than the nasty water on the cover draining the actual pool water is draining. The hose was on the water on the cover not under. Why is pool water draining and not the water trapped on top? Help?!?
  7. I

    Vinyl Liner Main Drain in the wall

    We have a 9'18' Intex Ultraframe pool going on its 3rd summer. Last summer I changed out the factory inlets to 1/1/2" making it standard pipe. No leaks occurred and this worked great. However. In tinkering with things I am wanting to change the drain plug (see attached photo of plug location)...
  8. L

    Replacing liner next spring... OK to drain pool?

    Hi all, new here and new pool owner! Recently bought a home with an in-ground pool (around 16 x 40ft, 25,000 gallons). The vinyl liner clearly needs to be replaced but we were planning to wait another year. However, I lowered the water in the shallow end a few weeks to patch a small hole, and...
  9. F

    Help! Leak detection in a fiberglass pool.

    I have a leak somewhere in my plumbing. Plugged returns and no water loss. Unplug returns and fill over returns and I’m not losing water. Unplug returns and run the pump I start losing water. Water loss stops just below returns and skimmer. Can anyone give me any additional insight. Any...
  10. L

    Rainwater Running I to pool!!!

    I have an in-ground pool where rainwater is carrying trash into the pool at the steps area. Has anyone else had the problem and how did you fix it? Concrete diverted? Rubber bumper? The steps entering the pool are just slightly lower lower and allow the water to enter pool Carrington trash...
  11. D

    Draining pool to reduce CYA, replacing water, then SLAMing

    Hi. My CYA is off-the-charts high, so I'm about to drain the pool, replace the water, and then start the SLAMing process. I have read the SLAM article. Just to confirm I understand the correct order of re-introducing the chemicals, I need to bring the pH up to 7.2 - 7.5 with the new water...